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Here you can browse 5 History Tutors located in Blackhorse Road, we have ordered our results by proximity to Blackhorse Road town centre. To view any tutor profile, you can click on the 'profile' link. To make contact with any of Tutor Hunt members you must register an account with us. If you wish to refine this search further, please use the search box above.

BA Philosophy
£15 - £20
/ hr
I`ve been working as a professional musician for the last 17 years, playing bass guitar all around the world. I have a deep interest in English, History and Politics t...
London (0.1 miles from centre)
15 miles
< 5 hours
Member for
3 years
AS LEVEL English Literature
£20 - £25
/ hr
Level and GCSE essay- based subjects, e. g. English Language. I have experience with voluntary tuition of GCSE and AS Level students. I can do most evenings and would...
London (0.6 miles from centre)
8 miles
Member for
3 years
£45 - £50
/ hr
I currently teach History at Forest School in London, where I have worked since 2015.
London (0.5 miles from centre)
5 miles
Member for
2 years
MA Contemporary British History
£10 - £15
/ hr
I have an MA from the Institute of Contemporary British History, and I am a current PhD student studying History and Politics at King`s College London.
London, London (0.5 miles from centre)
3 miles
Member for
6 years
GCSE Overall
£19 - £31.25
/ hr
level. I have been an English tutor for the past 3 years and have taught a variety of age groups. I am also very keen to offer personal statement support as I myself...
Walthamstow, London (0.5 miles from centre)
Home only
Member for
14 months

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