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Date : 23/03/2019


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Uploaded by : Gemma
Uploaded on : 23/03/2019
Subject : English


activity 1: adverbs

Rewrite each sentence, using an adverb in place of the italic words.
1. The gymnast stood on his head with ease.

2. The kitten was sleeping in peace.

3. We can look forward to the future with hope.

4. The glass was broken by accident.

5. Frank worked out all the sums in his head.

6. The student gazed with pride at his homework.

7. The troops fought like heroes.

8. I took the cake out of the oven with caution.

activity 2: adverbs

Add an adverb into each sentence.

1. I ran down the hill.

2. I sang a song.

3. I climbed the mountain.

4. I walked to the shop.

5. I picked up the cat.

6. I stroked the dog.

7. I shouted at my friend.

8. I went to sleep.

This resource was uploaded by: Gemma

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