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Date : 23/03/2019


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Uploaded by : Gemma
Uploaded on : 23/03/2019
Subject : English


ACTIVITY 1: Hyphens

Hyphenate these numbers. Remember that hyphens are needed when writing out the numbers 21 to 99.

1. twenty one

2. fifty three

3. ninety seven

4. one hundred and seventy two

5. forty three

6. seventy nine

7. sixty two

8. one hundred and twenty six

ACTIVITY 2: Hyphens

Identify where there is a hyphen missing. Remember that we use hyphens when words can be confused with another word. Hyphens can help clarify meaning and help with pronunciation.

1. I need to resign that paperwork.

2. Please recover the cheese once you open the packet.

3. I would like you to represent that meeting to my team.

4. The teacher had to recount the votes.

5. Sam repressed the doorbell because there was no answer.

6. I had lunch with my coworkers.

7. My house has been released to another family.

8. I resent that email last night.

This resource was uploaded by: Gemma

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