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Social Learning Theory Explanation

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Date : 17/10/2018

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Social Learning Theory Explanation of Criminal Behaviour

Who and What Year?

Bandura (1977)

Describe the theory in one sentence

SLT explains the acquisition of behaviour through the modelling of others

Describe the term Modelling

The proves of learning behaviour through imitating the actions of role models.

Describe the four stages of the Social Learning Theory (give an example after each in relation to a crime)

Attention need to focus on the behaviour being copied (not just observed) e.g. seen a robbery take place and focus on it. Retention remembering information about the behaviour you have focused on e.g. seen the specific actions and can see it is physically capable

Reproduction being able to reproduce the behaviour e.g. robbing a bank Motivation having the necessary motivation to repeat the behaviour over and over again e.g. wanting money, feeling proud

Is behaviour more likely to be copied if observing a role model?

Yes. Behaviour is more likely to be copied if the individual(s) being observed is a role model to the observer.

Why are they more likely to be copied?

They may wish to identify them or be accepted by them.

Define the three different types of motivation

Vicarious Reinforcement bservation of another individual s behaviour being rewarded.

External Motivation an individual will receive a tangible reward for committing the behaviour (e.g. the behaviour is successful)

Self-Motivation an individual s need is satisfied through the act (e.g. the rush/excitement of the crime) This resource was uploaded by: Emma