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Is Simply Getting Good Grades Enough?

My views on what is needed to enter higher education today

Date : 11/03/2012


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Uploaded by : Catherine
Uploaded on : 11/03/2012
Subject : English

With thousands of university places being cut, it is more competitive than ever to get into higher education. Many intelligent students are finding themselves without a university place, because the entry requirements have become unobtainable, or because the places simply aren't there.

It is no longer enough for a student to get good grades; the grades have to be outstanding. Even after getting the required grades, students must then fill a personal statement with interesting facts about themselves and their lives. The personal statement must be a good one, because it can mean the difference between an interview and a rejection. Without the writing skill acquired in English, it can be hard for a student to write a personal statement that will grab the reader's attention, even if they have done enough to warrant an interview.

In order to ensure that they have the writing skill they need, it is no longer enough to simply do what is required during the lesson. Students must practice writing skills outside of lesson time, and must make sure they study enough to get more than just "good" grades. Tutors are a great way to ensure that the hard work does not stop when the lesson ends. It has long since been accepted that revision outside of lesson time does wonders to improve grades, and what better way to revise than to have someone with you who can explain things that the teacher didn't have time to?

Extra tuition is not a sign of a bad student, one who did not understand the work. It's the sign of a good student striving to become a better one.

This resource was uploaded by: Catherine

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