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The Value Of Studying English

An article debating whether studying english is a worth while endeavour

Date : 25/02/2012


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Uploaded by : Catherine
Uploaded on : 25/02/2012
Subject : English

When me and my friends sit and discuss our education, I am often faced with the same assumptions. My friends feel obliged to inform me that their degrees in chemistry and bio-physics will get them amazing, well paid and all round very fulfilling jobs.

My lowly English literature degree however, will do no such thing for me. Arts degrees, I'm informed, are seen as pointless and will never hold the same value to an employer that a degree in physics or maths holds.

And maybe they're right. If I was applying for a job as an accountant, an English literature degree wouldn't do me much good. A degree in accounting or maths however, would put me in good stead to receive a call back for an interview.

What my friends don't seem to consider however, is what happens after that interview is gotten. Having the technical know-how is one thing, but if you cannot articulate those skills during an interview, they are a bit pointless. People who study English develop articulatory skills and their analytical skills, which are both useful within a work environment. English encourages creative thinking, and equips people with the ability to see beyond what is directly in front of them, in order to come up with new and innovative solutions to problems.

Even if you aren't planning to study English at degree level, having some understanding of the subject as a whole is a great way to expand your educational horizons. English is not only useful within an academic setting, but can help a person to broaden their social understanding of life and the world as a whole.

A degree in Physics or Mathematics will get you an interview. The skills developed by studying English will get you through that interview successfully.

This resource was uploaded by: Catherine

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