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I need contact with a academic in Landcaster to learn English for two or three weeks, in September and October.
Please contact with me for this reason.
7 years ago

English Question asked by José Miguel

Sorry I think this address is incorrect. I think it should be Lancaster but that is an hours drive from where I live so it would be difficult to commit to this.
25/08/2016 14:55:11 | comment by Stephen
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He most probably means `Lancaster` & I live in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire. Hope that he found a tutor who lives within easy access!
25/10/2016 09:26:28 | comment by Joanne
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9 Answers

Hello José, Have you thought of English tuition via Skype? Kind regards, Howard.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Hello there, how would you like help exactly?

I`m an English teacher and I do enjoy teaching.

Can u help you at all?
Answered by Penge | 7 years ago
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Good Morning Jose Miguel

I saw your enquiry and I wondered if I could help you. My name is Peter and I am an experienced English teacher. I have my own online interactive classroom if you are too far away. Please feel free to contact me if I be of assistance.
Kind regards
Answered by Peter | 7 years ago
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I would be able to help in August
Answered by Rakhi | 7 years ago
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Dear Jose Miguel, I guess you mean "Lancaster". I am based in the South of UK, so probably too far away from you. Please let me know if I misunderstood. Simon
Answered by Simon | 7 years ago
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Hi. I am more than prepared to take you on as a student but because you live in Lancaster I would need to charge you £25.00 which will be a one hour lesson and also include travel expenses.
Answered by Stephen | 7 years ago
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Hello, could I receive more information regarding your search for a tutor please eg hours, days, maximum rate of pay, location/web-based etc? I have experience in TEFL and EAL and may be interested.
Kind Regards,
Answered by Kate | 7 years ago
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Hi there,
What kind of tuition would you be looking for? Would you be looking for just general English tuition or following a GCSE/A level framework?
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Would you prefer online classes instead? It wouldn`t limit you to just Lancaster and they would be one-to-one?
Answered by Rajvee | 7 years ago
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