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"Discuss the nature-nurture debate on the development(physical, intellectual, emotional, social and language) of an individual?
8 years ago

Psychology Question asked by Mercy

For which exam board and learning level does this question pertain to? (e.g., AQA Year 1 A-Level or Bachelor`s Degree, year 2)
01/04/2016 14:00:38 | comment by Tavis
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3 Answers

When approaching a question like this it is good to bullet point both arguments for every topic which needs addressing. From that I would try and find links in your points that will form a good structure. A discuss question often wants you to write is in a conversational debate format. Try to critically evaluate the points that you make using words such as `however`. Avoid colloquial language and most importantly do your research!!
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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You would need to produce a balanced critique for each aspect of P.I.E.S, for each what is the nature nurture debate? So emotional, what are the theories of cognitive development that enable emotional development? or are there arguments that the way you are parented/treated can affect the emotional development of a child
Answered by Louise | 8 years ago
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There is much discussion and research on the subject. Ensure to discuss both sides of the argument and if possible, give examples of real life scenarios. There are lots of case studies to back up each side (this is also worth talking about) but also a more personal experience is also valid.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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