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University of Creative Arts London
Performing Arts
2.1  (2016)
A Level
Johannes Kepler Gymnasium Leonberg
A  (2010)
A Level
Johannes Kepler Gymnasium
A-  (2010)
A Level
Johannes Kepler Gymnasium
A  (2010)
A Level
Johannes Kepler Gymnasium
A  (2010)

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Information about Katja

Hello, my name is Katja.

I am a native German freelancer working in London, who has made private tuition one of her main sources of income and work, as I find working with students greatly rewarding and satisfying.

I graduated from (the German equivalent to) Grammar School with an A average after which I did my Bachelor degree for which I was awarded a scholarship here in London, graduating in the top set of my year.

I have been a private tutor since 2009. At first it served as a way to support myself throughout school and university, but it has turned into my bread and butter.

I enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities immensely. Seeing someone develop throughout the course of our work together is extremely rewarding and the reason I have continued to work as a private tutor for all these years.

My tuition subjects are German, Maths and Physics.

Being a native German speaker, I enjoy sharing my mother tongue with students from all around the world.

I have always had a passion for science and sparking curiosity in students. Understanding the world and universe we live in, is in my opinion one of the most empowering things we can do. I do not only aim to help my students improve their grades, but encourage them to find a deeper understanding and fun in the subjects they initially might have a lack of enthusiasm for.

My lessons are tailored to the specific needs of my students. I follow their school curriculum to support their learning at school but alter from it, if I find a different approach to a certain topic would be beneficial to the student or if a certain topic needs more detailed attention.

The same goes for my adult learner students. We all have a busy daily schedule and I acknowledge that, while still keeping a focus on the goal set in the beginning of our lessons. The balance between structure and fun is the sweet spot, where learning becomes an enriching experience.

In my opinion, learning is a team effort between the teacher and the student.

I understand that times are financially challenging. Therefore I offer online lessons only, but at a temporarily reduced rate. Please get in touch if you are in need of help.

Availability: As a freelancer my availability varies. Please get in touch to find out my current availability.

I understand that times are financially challenging. Therefore I offer online lessons only, but at a temporarily reduced rate. Please get in touch if you are in need of help.

Willing to travel: Home Only

Experience: Since 2009 I have been private tutoring students of different ages and abilities.

In the UK alone, I have been teaching students from the age of 5 up to adult learners in German.
Included in those were children of German parents, who wanted help raising their children bilingually, as well as UK students, who need help improving their German skills in school and adults, who want to learn the language to raise their career opportunities. At the moment I focus on students from the age of 13 upwards.

My main focus group in Maths and Physics and are students from the age of 11 to 16 (Levels KS3 to GCSE).

I am able to communicate material that might sound hard and unmanageable in school in a clearer way, so that most of my students get a much better and deeper grasp of the subject. They are then able to transfer these acquired skills to their school work.

DBS Check: Yes

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Feedback For Katja (29)

We have a total of 30 review(s) for Katja.

Natalie (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Katja is a great tutor, especially if you need help with grammar!

Rahel (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Katja`s lessons were good for my daughter: they gave her confidence and she enjoyed maths, which was fabulous.

Tutors Response :

Thank you for the feedback, Rahel! It’s been lots of fun working with Frida and her growth in confidence really showed.

Peter (Mr)

5/5 Rating

We needed some short-term and short-notice help with some exam topics. Katja was flexible and helpful in sorting out some tutoring and tailoring this to what we needed.

Tutors Response :

Thank you for your feedback, Peter! It was great working with your daughter and I hope she felt more comfortable in her exams this week.

Andy (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja was given quite a task, to help my niece achieve an improved GCSE maths grade in a short time, but my niece says that it is working and her confidence and understanding have improved, since the lessons began.

Tutors Response :

Hi Andy,
Thank you for your great feedback. It`s been really fun working with Laura, she is being brilliant! She`s picking up all our material really well and we`re making good headway :)

Nina (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Katja’s so nice and fun. I’ve really enjoyed my laid-back sessions with her and would definitely recommend her for someone who isn’t so keen on science and maths because she’ll explain everything super clearly. Thanks, Katja!

Tutors Response :

Thank you Nina! It`s been great working with you, I had lots of fun!

Martosh (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja is an extremely pleasant person. She very quickly made friends with our daughter and introduced maths in a friendly manner. I could see her moving from assessing child`s current level into teaching smoothly. She kept load just a tad above child`s current level to keep challenging but not pressuring. They both were in a flow doing maths and simply forgot about time and overrun our lesson, which didn`t bother Katja at all which shows her true passion. Pleasant, friendly professional who has a natural charisma perfectly matching children`s needs. Outstanding attitude towards sessions.

Susan (Ms)

4/5 Rating

Katja is a lovely person, very polite and organised.

Damian (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja taught our son both iGCSE Maths and Science. We were extremely satisfied with Katja`s teaching skills, her positive style, her patience and understanding. Our son really enjoyed his lessons and is feeling more confident about his forthcoming school term. We would therefore strongly recommend Katja.

Tutors Response :

Thank you for your great feedback Damian. Tom has been great and very hard working over these past few weeks and I know he`ll do well in all his upcoming exams.

Leighton (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja`s approach is excellent. She is very good at explaining things and takes time to ensure you understand. I am an adult learner and have found her methods very helpful.

Tutors Response :

Thank you so much Leighton! It`s been great working with you and the work you put in shows in your progress!

Jeremy (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja has been tutoring my 13 y/o son for a few months. He finds maths a challenge but he has found Katja great support. She explains things clearly; she knows the curriculum; she is patient with him and occasionally fun too. She sets good homework. He did really well in a maths test at school last week - we have no doubt it is because of Katja (and some hard work).

Tutors Response :

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for the great feedback!
Louis has been doing brilliantly and that test was definitely a reflection of the work he has put in! I`m looking forward to continue our work together.

Joni (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Katja was really friendly and put me at ease. I’m doing an entry exam for a business school which requires quantitative reasoning, about higher GSCE problems in a problem solving setting. I sent Katja a few problems in advance and she prepared the methods and solutions before she came! Then we went through them all and she helped me re-learn a lot of specific rules and methods that were relevant to the test. I’m really grateful to Katja for the effort she went to to help me. I would definitely use her again if I ever needed it.

Tutors Response :

Thank you for the great feedback Joni! Good luck with the exam!

Liudmila (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Katja is an amazing tutor and our son absolutely loved his lessons with her. Although his course was short-term, our son made a remarkable progress. Katja has a systematic approach to teaching and is able to inspire and encourage the students to do their best. Thank you!

Tutors Response :

Thank you for that brilliant feedback Liudmila! It was a pleasure teaching Erik . He has been so focused and engaged, it was simply fun to work with him.

Lorraine (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Over the past few weeks Katja has been online tutoring my daughter, who intends to study A level German and currently has lots of spare time now that her GCSES are cancelled due to covid. The tutoring is proving very successful. Katja is engaging, thorough and lively. My daughter is keeping up with her German conversation whilst also consolidating existing, and learning new, grammar. Plenty of homework to keep her busy in lockdown too. We are really pleased.

Tutors Response :

Hi Lorraine,
Thank you for your kind feedback. It has been a pleasure teaching Alice the last few weeks. She is so engaged and enthusiastic. I am excited for her journey to A-levels!

Wendy (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

I am enjoying my lessons with Katja very much. She is very friendly and professional. The materials she has provided me with are clear, succinct, easy to understand and allow me to practice what I have learned. She is helping me to keep motivated and interested in progressing with the learning. Five stars.

Tutors Response :

Hi Wendy

Thank you for your lovely feedback! I really enjoy teaching you and love your commitment.

Hari (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Katja is an extremely accomplished Physics tutor. In just two lessons my son’s knowledge, understanding, enthusiasm and test outcomes had greatly improved. Katja has a lovely way which my son appreciated

Tutors Response :

Thank you for the kind feedback. It`s been a pleasure meeting and teaching Dylan. He is a very inquisitive and curious student, who keeps you on your toes. I have no doubt he will do great in his future endeavours.

Christian (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja was my maths tutor preparing me for my GCSE`s for 4 months. In that time she drastically improved my abilities at problem solving and understanding of maths. She was also extremely accommodating for unforeseen situations such as the recent pandemic. Lessons with her were fun and went by quickly and after every lesson I felt that I had improved or at least found a weakness to work on. Every lesson felt thought out and deliberate and she was extremely encouraging even when I made simple mistakes.

Tutors Response :

Thank you for your feedback Christian!
Hugo is great and really clued on for our lessons. I am looking forward to prepping for that last GCSE stretch with him.

Hana (Dr)

5/5 Rating

Katja is a really great German tutor, I am so glad we found her for my son. He takes German for his GCSEs, and was really struggling before. One hour a week with Katja, online, and all his problems are sorted. I am also very impressed that Katja gives him material to help him revise - such as the list of German verbs (I think? I don`t know German at all, just saw that he is printing booklets from Katja) and rules of grammar. Really really impressed. We are definitely keeping the lessons all the way until the GCSE. One complaint about the site: the online lessons via the tutorhunt platform didn`t work at first, but were sorted the week after (not a complaint about Katja at all, obviously - she was great and we found a temporary solution for that week).

Tutors Response :

Thank you so much for the great feedback Hana!
Michael is so driven and committed, I am impressed every week how well he incorporated newly learned concepts. I am looking forward to smashing the time before his GCSEs and getting him exam fit.

Kate (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

We cannot recommend Katja highly enough. Our daughter was really struggling with German GCSE after a succession of poor teachers had destroyed her confidence. Within a week of working with Katja she got her German mojo back, and she actively looks forward to the lessons. Katja has been extremely professional, enthusiastic and responsive to work with and we are very grateful to have found her. We would strongly recommend her to any prospective student, and take this opportunity to thank her sincerely for all she`s done for us.

Tutors Response :

Hi Kate,
I just realised I never replied to your feedback! Thank you so much for your kind words. It`s been a pleasure teaching Clem and I wish her all the best for her future!

Ravender (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja is an excellent teacher who will explain everything in a clear and engaging manner, for example German cases, which I struggle with. I can`t recommend her highly enough.

Tutors Response :

Hi Ravender,
Thank you for your feedback! I really enjoyed our lessons together!

Bernardo (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja is a truly dedicated, creative and patient tutor!

Tutors Response :

Thank you for your positive feedback, Bernardo. It`s so much fun teaching you and your wife! You are brilliant students!

Agata (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Literally the best language teacher I’ve had (and I had many!). Everything is explained logically with examples and is fun. Katja pays a lot of attention to detail and corrects my speech, writing, etc. I wish I had met her in my primary school. It would have been my favourite subject then!

Tutors Response :

Thank you Agata! It’s brilliant fun working with you!

Izzy (Miss)

5/5 Rating

I`ve been having lessons with Katja for a couple of months now and am finding our lesson extremely helpful. As my A-levels are approaching, she has been very supportive and adaptable with what I need to learn and has made me feel more comfortable with German as a whole. Overall I feel that my German has improved with Katja`s help.

Tutors Response :

Thank you so much for your feedback, Izzy! It has been great working with you and seeing especially your writing skills improve.

Emily (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Katja has been really great for my daughter. She has given her confidence and helped her for her mock exams. Katja is really flexible and when we have had to change our lesson at short notice this has never been a problem.

Tutors Response :

Thank you for your nice feedback, Emily! It has been lovely working with Ella!

Gabriela (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Katja is a very professional german teacher and always makes sure her students engage with the topic.
I would recommend her for those wanting to learn german!

Jane (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Katja was excellent at my introductory lesson. She made me feel at ease, listened to my goals and outlined a flexible way forward to suit my requirements as I am feeling my way in which this language will work for me. She also has a good way of bringing to life points she makes.

Tutors Response :

Thank you for your lovely feedback, Jane!
It was fun to meet you yesterday and I’m looking forward to working together!

Benjamin (Mr)

5/5 Rating

I am very happy with choosing to learn with Katja. She was welcoming and helped me past first lesson shyness :).

Tutors Response :

Thanks for your feedback Benjamin. It was so nice to meet you and I’m looking forward to working and learning with you!

Stella (Mrs)

3/5 Rating

We only had the introductory lesson, but the accommodation was not suitable for tutoring a child of 9 years old and tutor was unable to commute to our home. We were unable to proceed. Katja was friendly and my daughter would have enjoyed being tutored by her, but unfortunately it was not meant to be.

Giorgio (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja is very competent, helpful and her teaching method is effective.

Kieran (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Katja is an excellent tutor. There are other great tutors on this site but what I believe sets Katja apart is:

1) her stage training means she has an excellent, technical understanding of pronunciation - she is very good on where exactly to place one`s tongue, lips etc to produce those strange German sounds.

2) she is a native German speaker but also has excellent English and is therefore able to explain, in English, tricky grammatical concepts which someone with a poorer grasp of English would struggle to make clear.

3) she is very good on where colloquial usage differs from more formal ways of speaking which might, in some contexts, make one sound quaint or old fashioned. There are several habits I was taught in school which I am am unlearning!

4) Katja is flexible about what aspects of the language are taught in our sessions. I am comfortable learning vocabulary in my own time and as such we focus on grammar and conversation.

5) she is also flexible on when sessions take place, which is particularly useful as a freelancer myself.

Joyce (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Excellent tutoring. She is very flexible, which works well for my son. I love her method of teaching German and I feel more relaxed about the progress he is making in school since he started with Katja.

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