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I am currently completing Bachelor`s degree programmes in Biochemistry (University College London) and Mathematics (University of Szeged).
Having been working as a private academic tutor in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology since the beginning of my A Level studies, I have a vast amount of experience in analysing learning styles and identifying deficiencies as well as devising procedures to improve problematic academic attitudes in order to achieve a significant enhancement in scholastic performance.
In my opinion, it is of paramount importance to methodically dissect complex concepts and thus bridge the comprehensional interstices between abstract scientific ideas and concrete laboratory experiments as part of the process.
Depending on whether a student is a visual, audial or tactile learner (or any combination of these types), I often employ interactive software packages (e.g. the integrated Algebra, Geometry, Calculus & Statistics application bundle GeoGebra for Mathematics and Physics or the molecule visualisation tool Avogadro for Chemistry and Biology), digital optical microscopes, ball-and-stick models and various other pieces of equipment in order to facilitate apprehension and aid memory retention via sensory engagement.

I am intimately familiar with the general as well as subject-specific requirements of all major Examination Boards in the United Kingdom, including AQA, Pearson: Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment: OCR, CAIE, CAAT & CAE.

Please find below the list* of courses in whose specification I am substantially well-versed:
*divided into categories according to recognising countries, associated RQF levels, types of qualification and awarding bodies


1.1 Level 3

1.1.1 AS/A Level GCE`s

OCR (Cambridge Assessment) Edexcel (Pearson) AQA

Mathematics A H230/H240 8MA0/9MA0 7356/7357
B (MEI) H630/H640
Further Mathematics A H235/H245 8FM0/9FM0 7366/7367
B (MEI) H635/H645
Physics A H156/H556 8PH0/9PH0 7407/7408
B (Advancing Physics) H157/H557
Chemistry A H032/H432 8CH0/9CH0 7404/7405
B (Salters) H033/H433
Biology A H020/H420 A (Salters-Nuffield) 8BN0/9BN0 7401/7402
B (Advancing Biology) H022/H422 B 8BI0/9BI0

1.1.2 A Level-equivalent qualifications

OCR (Cambridge Assessment) Edexcel (Pearson)

Cambridge Technicals BTEC Level 3 National Certificates

Applied Science 05847–05849 601/7434,7435,7436,7437,7438/1
Applied Human Biology 05874,05879 603/3040,3041/7

Level 3 Certificates in Core Maths

(Core Maths) Quantitative Reasoning (MEI) (H866)
Quantitative Problem Solving (MEI) (H867)
A (MEI) (H868)
B (MEI) (H869)

1.2 Levels 1 & 2

1.2.1 GCSE`s (9-1)

OCR (Cambridge Assessment) Edexcel (Pearson) AQA

Mathematics J560 1MA1 8300
Further Mathematics 8360
Statistics 1ST0 8382
Physics A (Gateway Science) J249 1PH0 8463
B (21st Century) J259
Chemistry A (Gateway Science) J248 1CH0 8462
B (21st Century) J258
Biology A (Gateway Science) J247 1BI0 8461
B (21st Century) J257
Combined Science Double 1SC0 Synergy (Double) 8465
Trilogy (Triple) 8464


2.1 LEVEL 3

2.1.1 International AS/A Level GCE`s

CAIE (Cambridge Assessment) Edexcel (Pearson)
Mathematics 9709 XMA01/YMA01
Further Mathematics 9231 XFM01/YFM01
Pure Mathematics XPM01/YPM01
Physics 9702 XPH11/YPH11
Chemistry 9701 XCH11/YCH11
Biology 9700 XBI11/YBI11

2.1.2 International A Level-equivalent qualifications

CAIE (Cambridge Assessment) IBO

Pre-U IB (G4, G5)

Mathematics 9794 SL/HL
Further Mathematics 9795 HL
Physics 9792 SL/HL
Chemistry 9791 SL/HL
Biology 9790 SL/HL

2.2 Levels 1 & 2

2.2.1. International GCSE`s (9-1)/O Level GCE`s

CAIE (Cambridge Assessment) Edexcel (Pearson)

Mathematics 0980 4MA1
D 4024
Further Pure Mathematics 4PM0
Additional Mathematics 0606/4037
Physics 0972/5054 4PH1
Chemistry 0971/5070 4CH1
Biology 0970/5090 4BI1
Human Biology 4HB1
(Combined) Science Double 5129 4SC0
Co-ordinated Sciences 0973

In addition to teaching the above courses, I also offer BMAT and UCAT Admissions Test preparatory sessions.

Availability: Mon-Fri: 13.30-20.00 h
Sat-Sun: 08.00-22.00 h

Willing to travel: 5 miles

Experience: Primary school pupils whom I tutored in Mathematics have improved by two grades on average, while many of my secondary school biology tutees have successfully participated in academic competitions at levels ranging from regional to international.
In addition to this, all sixth form students under my tuition have been offered places at such prestigious (principally Russell Group) institutions of higher education as King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, Royal Holloway University of London, University College London, the University of Edinburgh or the University of Warwick and/or received invitations to attend an interview at either the University of Oxford or Cambridge.
As a UCAS Application tutor, I have assisted 80+ students in composing their Personal Statements over the past 4 years.

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After School

Feedback For Zsofia (11)

We have a total of 11 review(s) for Zsofia.

Gino (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Since my time studying and working with Zsofia not only has my results improved but also my confidence in my approach towards the tests. I had asked if she could help me prepare for AOSB`s psychometric testing and despite this not being her field, she took the challenge and helped me navigate through the areas that I needed the most help on, mainly Maths. I would highly recommend Zsofia for anyone who is looking to prepare for the UKCAT or any maths examinations as she is great! Not only is she very smart at helping you improve your areas of weakness but she is a personable positive person who really cares about helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!

Lauren (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Zsofia is great. From the initial session she worked hard to to ensure my daughter covered her areas of weakness. She has a great approach and gets the most out of each session. I will continue to use her for revision sessions as she has made so much of a difference to my daughters learning journey.

Jimi (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Very reliable professional and considerate tutor. My daughter is enjoying the lessons and feels she is gaining the support she needs from her lessons.

Karolina (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Great experience with this tutor. Always prepared.

Indigo (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Zsofia is a dedicated tutor that is very passionate about her subjects. For the past year and a bit, she has helped me with my A level chemistry, UCAT and BMAT. She is very organised and always comes prepared for the lessons. She makes the lessons engaging by teaching me around the subject and beyond the curriculum which not only aids my understanding, but also broadens my knowledge and excites my fascination. I am very thankful for having Zsofia as my tutor as I have improved a lot with chemistry and she has helped me develop various skills and techniques needed for my medical admissions tests. Zsofia is encouraging, patient, very knowledgeable, passionate and the list goes on!

Noor (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Miss Zsofia is an excellent Tutor.She is teaching my daughter A level chemistry.She is very knowledgeable on the subject. So far 2 sessions and my daughter is enjoying the tuition.She comes on time and prepared.I am very pleased and I highly recommend this Tutor.


Victor (Mr)

4/5 Rating

Zsophia tutoring 2 students:

A level Maths & Physics sitting 2020 Zsophia comes on time and prepared. She is very knowledgeable on both subjects and utilises supplementary external material to aid understanding. Homework is provided and a detailed explanation provided to me on what was covered and what is expected for the next session. If there any elements of under performance Zsophia ensures that I am well aware, which gives the opportunity to intercede and get my child on track. So far there has been a definite improvement in work ethic and commitment I am yet to see test results that can reflect Zsophia involvement. However I am confident that we will see an improvement due to the confidence my child has shown towards these subjects. With Zsophia’s support we looking forward to an A in both subjects in 2020.

Maths Key Stage 3 - GSCE this is a very challenging subject for my child. Zsophia is comes prepared, gives homework and will provide alternative ways of learning. This is very useful for example to help understand transformation she advised to purchase dice to help improve understanding l. This was helpful. I have noticed a gradual improvement this can be attributed to Zsophia’s input.

In summary, I would recommend Zsophia as a solid tutor for any parent who is looking for a solid tutor with excellent understanding to support there child.

Tiha (Miss)

5/5 Rating

She is an outstanding tutor, with just couple of lesson we already covered quite a lot of topics from my syllabus. I would recommend it to anyone. I`m currently studying for my A-levels for chemistry and she keeps on giving me work which allows me to review my knowledge from my previous year and which also keeps challenging my-self. She is understanding, patient and has stamina. She will go with the pace that you are most comfortable with, and is willing to explain in different ways until you understand.

Kelly (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Students were really happy and felt as though Zsofia had a significant impact on their learning.

Bonita (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Zsofia has tutored my son for six sessions so far, and already his teacher has noticed a big improvement.
He’s now more confident and enthusiastic in maths lessons. Zsofia is also very friendly, patient and knowledgable - highly recommended!

Peter (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Zsofia is very dedicated, very helpful and passionate about what she doing, from the first session my daughter feels she has learnt more, and is enjoying her studies also.
We highly recommend Zsofia as a tutor.

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