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University of Westminster
Computer Science with Foundation
2:1  (2002)
1st  (1997)
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Teaching is my hobby and passion for last 25+ years. Have made students achieve grade 9 (from as low as 5). Many of my students are school toppers/national champions too.

Currently, I am teaching students from Grammar, Independent and State schools.

My teaching is focused on making the fundamentals clear and strong. I fully understand, each child is different and accordingly I frame the teaching schedule and the plan.

Whether child needs help or wish to excel, my course work and teaching will be of great help.

My teaching programs are based on the latest revised syllabus (for GCSE 9-1).

Maths and Science is my focus area.

Crash courses available during the holiday break. I would always recommend to utilize the summer break to build the fundamentals and create a strong foundation before the next term starts.

Availability: Evenings on week days and over weekend

Willing to travel: 2 miles

Experience: I have been teaching students at A Level, GCSE , KS3, KS2, 13+ and 11+ with excellent results for more than 10 years. Hundreds of students have achieved top grades and now are with top universities viz. Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL etc doing Medicine, Engineering and other top courses.

DBS (CRB) Check: Yes

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Feedback For Rajesh (56)

We have a total of 56 review(s) for Rajesh.

Bijal (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Raj is a committed and engaging tutor, he has a fun energy that makes him very relatable to the students . My daughter enjoys her lessons and has a more confident approach to her studies because of raj !

Anna (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh is an excellent tutor and is helping my daughter with all the three sciences and Maths for GCSE. He has a great way of communicating his knowledge to students making it very easy to understand. My daughter`s confidence level has been growing and she has benefited a lot. I highly recommend him

Vijay (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh has been tutoring my daughter in all the Sciences and Maths. My daughter is enjoying his teaching methods in which he involves and encourages discussion to ensure thorough understanding. My daughter enjoys the sessions and I would highly recommend Rajesh.

Larissa (Miss)

5/5 Rating

My son is taking Maths tuitions with Rajesh at a GCSE level. Rajesh is is a hard working and experienced tutor, he has also been able to build a good rapport with my son to positively influence his motivation and build up his confidence.

Shila (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh has been teaching my all the Sciences and Maths. His teaching method is excellent and most appropriate. He involves and encourages the student in discussion and ensures every minute point is fully clarified. He is very passionate about teaching which is reflected in his presentation and notes. my son enjoys his lessons and I would highly recommend Rajesh.

ank (Mrs)

5/5 Rating


Eshan (Mr)

5/5 Rating

We were fortunate to find Raj for GCSE tuitions after intensive search. The biggest advantage is he teaches all the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) as well as Maths. My son`s motivation has gone up substantially. His interactive discussions are very encouraging and helpful when it comes to answering high mark /explanatory questions.
I would strongly recommend him for his passionate and patient coaching.

Paresha (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My sons have just started tution with Raj. They seem to be enjoying it so far.

Roshni (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh has proved to be a fantastic teacher accommodating my daughter for one to one lessons showing consideration and understanding of her personal circumstances which had thrown her confidence. He accurately pinpointed my daughter’s weak points and knew exactly how far to push her to understand a particular topic. I highly recommend Rajesh as a tutor.

Sara (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh is a very good teacher. I would highly recommend him.

Shona (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Raj has been tutoring my son for a while now, Raj is engaging and has really made a difference to my sons interest and eagerness to learn. The best is, he teaches all the Sciences and Maths so we don`t have to scout for different tutors. He explains the concepts very patiently until it is fully understood. My son looks forward to his class. I would Highly recommend Raj.

Reham (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My daughter Nour has been with Mr Raj for a while.. she became more confident at Physics and happy to learn more and looking forward to her exam in June..

Harris (Mr)

4/5 Rating

Rajesh is tutoring my son since February. My son likes the way he teaches and solves a problem. I will recommend him.

Anthony (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh tutors 2 of my children. Both children consistently provide excellent feedback on their lessons and always learn something new.

Tawanda (Mrs)

4/5 Rating



5/5 Rating

My son attends Raj`s classes and within a month he feels more confident and capable with his science.He is an excellent teacher who can understand his students. My son is very happy with Raj and i recommend him very highly.

Afrin (Dr)

5/5 Rating

Mr Jain is experienced both in terms of examination and revision content and methodology as well as trying to understand individual student strengths and weaknesses. In this way he can offer to work with students and their families to facilitate the best outcomes. He also has a positive encouraging manner and bubbly sense of humour both of which are qualities that cannot be underestimated in a great teacher.

Yousra (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Raj is an amazing person and his teaching is phenomenal
Thanks for everything your doing

Emma (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My son attends Raj`s classes and within a month he feels more confident and capable with his maths. Raj is very knowledgeable, patient and teaches with great passion. He has a wonderful way with him and my son enjoys the lessons. He is very reliable and trustworthy and I would highly recommend him.

Sameer (Mr)

5/5 Rating

My son in Y10 has recently joined Raj`s weekly group sessions and am pleased to say that we are very happy with Raj`s expertise in teaching. He keeps the group small to ensure personal attention to each student and covers all subjects efficiently.

Most importantly, he understands the child`s skills and weaknesses and moulds his teaching around that. This, I believe, boosts the child`s confidence level thus making them more prepared for the real world. He maintains a high level of inter-activeness in his sessions ensuring maximum participation from each student. This not only increases their knowledge of the subject and the given topic but also contributes to the overall personality development of the child.

I would highly recommend Raj to others and am looking forward to my son scoring well in his GCSEs - thanks in advance to Raj!!

Teresa (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh is a great tutor, who explains each topic clearly and in detail. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in teaching. I would highly recommend him.

Bhavesh (Mr)

5/5 Rating

We tried different tutors for GCSE and found Raj to be excellent. He understands the child`s thought process and explains the subject accordingly. My daughter feels much motivated to study and her confidence level too has gone up. Happy to recommend without any hesitation.

Mita (Mrs)

5/5 Rating


Loredana (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Mr Rajesh is an excellent teacher. He is helping my daughter with her IGSCE exams.
My daughter found it very beneficial and now she is more confident with the topics.
Loves going every time as Mr Rajesh makes it all easy(her words)!

Chhaya (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My daugher has been attending Rajesh`s tutor sessions since december 2017 in preparation for her GCSEs. She joined his group sessions once a week and the study was rotated between Maths and Physics one week and Biology and Chemistry the next. This seemed to work really well for her and it was at a pace that allowed her to really digest and understand the information. This has been an excellant support for her and has given her the confidence to ask questions and explore the subjects further than if she had soley relied on school. The lessons were taught at her pace and tailored to her needs. She has just completed her final GCSE and whilst we do not have the results yet she definitely went into the exams feeling confident and prepared.

Champa (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My son is really enjoying his lessons with Raj. I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Raj.

Laveen (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Excellent tutor, very enthusiastic and makes difficult topics easy to understand.

Joanne (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Very pleased so far. My son has received good notes and is enthusiastic about science. I cant hope for better at this early stage.

Ola (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

I`m very pleased with the progress that my son is making. he is enjoying the classes and looks forward to them. He says that time flies so fast during the lessons because they are so interesting. He understands the subjects much better, and got the highest mark in maths in his recent exams! Raj is flexible, committed and worth recommending. I am very happy that I found him!

Bindu (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Very good teacher. Understands the subject content. Knows the new specification very well.

Angelika (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

I am very pleased with the tutoring of Raj. Though it`s a long drive, it`s worth it. My son looks forward to the lessons each week. Raj is highly organised, committed and ensures each topic is understood by the student. My son`s motivation level has gone up and I can already see his confidence level building up. Happy to recommend.

Darshana (Ms)

5/5 Rating

A thorough overview of my child to understand exactly where Rajesh can add value. Very helpful and flexible enough to add context to ad hoc but relevant topics.

upendra (Mr)

5/5 Rating

My daughter has found Rajesh to be very competent, dedicated, and passionate in insuring students grasp the topics, willing to listen to students and guide using different techniques.
I have also noted Rajesh strength in communicating with myself, without procrastination.

David ()

5/5 Rating

Rajesh is a very good tutor. My son enjoys his lessons and is learning. I would recommend him for sure.

Ola (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My son was very pleased with Raj`s style of teaching from the first lesson. He is not usually one to praise a teacher, but after the first lesson, he told me that he liked the way Raj patiently explained things to him, and that he is a nice teacher. I have no reservation recommending Raj because I am happy with the progress that my son is making.

Leyahna (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Raj has been a great tutor for our daughter. Very professional, trustworthy and reliable. As he teaches all the Sciences and Maths at GCSE, it`s very convenient too. Happy that we found him and pleased to recommend.

Shabbur (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Raj has been tutoring my son for GCSE since some time now. He ensures concepts are clear and a strong foundation is created to excel. My son`s confidence level has gone up substantially. He is very humble and flexible. We are delighted to have him as a tutor and would for sure recommend to others without any hesitation.

Amit (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Raj is teaching GCSE Maths and Science to my daughter and we are very pleased with his approach, teaching methodology and efforts.

Highly reliable and knowledgeable and very happy to recommend.

Kaye (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh has been a great tutor, our Son confidence has increased in Maths since he stated lesson with him.

Paresh (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Raj is very professional, patient and interactive tutor. My son finds it very helpful and his confidence level has gone up substantially. He makes the subject enjoyable and ensures concepts are clear. I would strongly recommend Raj without any hesitation.

Tina (Ms)

5/5 Rating

My daughter enjoy the teaching

Cynthia (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Great tutor. My daughter enjoys the classes is learning a lot and getting her confidence back thanks to Raj.

Hong (Ms)

5/5 Rating

My boy liked the teacher, very useful and helpful. we will come back next half term.

Kay (Dr)

4/5 Rating

My son has been taking lessons for about 1 month now. Mr Rajesh is organised and my son enjoys his lessons. I have no doubt this will improve his performance at school.

Caroline (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Raj was quickly able to identify the gaps in my year 10 son`s science knowledge.

My son now looks forward to his lessons with Raj and has now re-discovered his enthusiasm for science.

Imran (Mr)

4/5 Rating

Good tutor - knowledgeable, motivating, supportive, patient.

Ferzana (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh is a great tutor. My son has progressed in a short period of time. He has gained a lot of confidence in maths, biology and chemistry.

mahdee (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Mr Rajesh has been tutoring my son now for nearly one year.
I have found him an excellent teacher with a holistic approach which benefits the child in the long term.
His lessons are organised and well structured.
Mr Rajesh has good communication and interpersonal skills which he uses effectively during his lessons.

Oluremi (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

‘’My son is attending Raj’s classes and he found them to be very useful for Maths and Science. He understands the key issues and addresses them to build a strong foundation. My son is very confident now and have no hesitation to recommend Raj. Excellent value for money.

Tutors Response :

Thank you very much.



Jyoti (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

There are many tutors around but only a few teachers .. My son had struggled with Mathis and science for a long time and Raj had actually made immense change in his attitude and now my son is doing so much better . Thank you

Tutors Response :

Many thanks Jyotiji.



Asadullah (Mr)

4/5 Rating

Raj is a very good tutor, makes sure you understand well and is of great help. Strongly recommend.

ramesh (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Rajesh is proving really useful for my daughter as she prepares for her science GCSE`s.I could not recommend him more highly

Margaret ()

5/5 Rating

My daughter has been having physics tutoring since before Christmas, she is learning and finding Rajesh helpful. He is patient and clearly explains the subject. He communicates well and responds with good feedback to the parents and would definitely recommend Rajesh to help any student struggling with any sciences.

sue (Ms)

4/5 Rating

Rajesh did a very good job in helping improve my son`s confidence as he started year 11 when he had fallen behind. The sessions were well structured and seemed enjoyable.

Tatsuma (Mr)

5/5 Rating

My son took double sciences in IGCSE last year. When he took mock exams at school in February, the result were not good and I found out that he was struggling with Physics and Chemistry. However, with the tutor`s help, he was able to gain double A*.
He is a passionate and engaging teacher and I am pleased with his way of teaching.

Dhru (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Science , Y10 covering ( C1, B1, P1, C2, B2 and P2 ). Raj was a last minute tutor for our 15 year old son, within a month of sitting his first year GCSE Science exams. We are so please we found him. He helped establish the foundations which were somewhat lacking at my son`s schools and covered all the topics throughly. Exam results will give a true picture but my son is much more comfortable with the subject.

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