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School Summary
School TypeAcademy Sponsor Led
School AddressFulwoods Drive
Milton Keynes
Phone 01908 341700
Local Authority Milton Keynes
Age Range11 - 18
Total Pupils1289
School GenderMixed
Boy | Girl %49% | 51%
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School Summary

Total Pupils
Age Range
Avg. Class Size
Nat. Average 20.3
Free School Meals
Nat. Average 13.4%
Latest Ofsted
Attainment 8 score
Nat. Average 49.7
Avg GCSE Grade
Nat. Average C
Avg A-Level Grade

With 1289 pupils, The Milton Keynes Academy has a significantly higher than average number of pupils in the UK. The school is a mixed school, having 51% girls and 49% boys. Educational welfare officers are appointed by the local authority to monitor attendance rates. A low 93.5% attendance rate for the school is below average for the country. With 85.1 members of staff, The Milton Keynes Academy has significantly more teachers than most schools in a similiar location. This School has a very low (pupil to teacher) ratio, which permits the teacher to give more focused attention in a smaller class size.

KS4 is commonly referred to as GCSE stage and compulsory for all school pupils nationally.

It is common for students at KS5 to pursue A Level studies in three subjects which may lay the foundations for academic study a specialist area of choice. A low average A Level score of 21.56 for the school puts the school the lowest achieving category. The Milton Keynes Academy pays a salary of 36802 , slightly less than other schools nationally. Only 64.3% of pupils speak English as a 1st language in This School, a proportion much lower than the countries average figure.


School Statistics

Gender Split

Gender Count By Age

Total Pupils 1289
Total Girls 657 (51%)
Total Boys 632 (49%)


This School Regional Avg National Avg
Pupil Average Attendance
93.5% 94.6%
Persistent Absence
15.9% 13.4% 12.8%

School Staff Information

This School Regional Avg National Avg
Avg. Full-time Qualified Teacher Salary £36,802 £37,907 £37,569
Pupil to Teacher Ratio
15.2 : 1 15.7 : 1 15.1 : 1
Total Teachers in School 90 99.3 67.5
Total Teaching Assistants
35 33.7 19.4
Total Support Staff
53 45.6 26.5
Total Full-time Teachers 85.1 94.9 62.3
Total Full-time Teaching assistants 33.5 27.9 15.1
Total Full-time Support Staff 49.8 40.3 22.1

Information About Last Year Pupils Leaving

This School Regional Avg National Avg
Number of Pupils Leaving Last Year
Those staying in Education
90%  (189) 93.9% 93.8%
Further Education College
28%  (58) 28.8% 39.1%
6th Form
55%  (115) 59.4% 45.5%
5%  (10) 4.8% 6.4%
Higher Education Institute
84%  (176) 89% 89.5%
Not Known
2 %  (4) 1.7% 0.7%

Other Stats

    This School Regional Avg National Avg
Average Class Size
21.2 20.9 20.3
Pupils where English is first Language
64.3%  (829) 79.8% 84.4%
Pupils with Special Educational Needs
1.1%  (14) 2.1% 2.9%
Pupils eligible for free school meals
25.3%  (599) 10.2% 13.4%


GCSE/Key Stage 4 Results (2016)


This School Regional Avg National Avg
Total pupils at end of KS4
Attainment 8 score
42.7 49 49.7
Average GCSE Grade
Progress 8 measure
-0.06 - -
Year This School Regional Avg National Avg
Pupils achieving 5 or more A*-C
2016 34% 52.8% 55.2%
2015 36% 53% 55.1%
2014 43% 50% 55.4%
2013 53% 62.5% 62.1%
This School Regional Avg National Avg
Pupils achieving more A*-C in English and Maths
40% 60.1% 61%
Average number of GCSEs per pupil 7.4 9 8.4
Average number of GCSEs (incl. equivalents) per pupil
8.5 9.9 9.2

Attainment Band

This School Regional Avg National Avg
Pupils starting KS4 in low prior attainment band
30% 27.7% 27.2%
Pupils starting KS4 in middle prior attainment band
11% 55.2% 53.8%
Pupils starting KS4 in high prior attainment band
59% 31.3% 39.4%

A Level Results (2016)


This School Regional Avg National Avg
Number of A Level student at the end of year 163 240.9 189.2
Average point score per A level entry (as grade) D C- C
Average point score per A Level entry 21.56 28.7 31.8
Average grade in best 3 A level C- C C+
Average point score in best 3 A level entries 27.3 31.8 36
Percentage of A levels pupils achieving AAB or better 10% 9.3% 19.7%


About Ofsted

Ofsted have been inspecting schools on a regular basis since 2005. After a cursory warning period they undertake a thorough examination of the whole school. Inspectors will sit in on classes, assessing each teacher's teaching ability. They will also evaluate the way the current curriculum is implemented, and how the progress of each student is tracked throughout their tenure.

Each school is graded on a four point scale: 1 being outstanding, 2 being good, 3 means they require improvement, and 4 signifying inadequate. Those schools attaining an outstanding or good grade might not be re-inspected for as long as five years; while those receiving lower grades will be reassessed with greater frequency, with little or no notice prior to the inspectors arriving.


Ofsted Report for The Milton Keynes Academy on 24/04/2014

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Inspection Date24/04/2014 - 25/04/2014
Inspection TypeS5 Inspection
Category of Concernn/a
Overall Effectiveness
Achievement of Pupils
Behaviour & safety of pupils
Quality of Teaching
Leadership & Management


Ofsted Report for The Milton Keynes Academy on 07/03/2012

[View Full Report]
Inspection Date07/03/2012 - 08/03/2012
Inspection TypeAcademy First Section 5
Category of Concernn/a
Overall Effectiveness
Achievement of Pupils
Behaviour & safety of pupils
Quality of Teaching
Leadership & Management


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