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Choosing the right school for their child can be one of the most daunting ordeals a parent will have to undertake. The appropriate school can point your child on the best pathway, can provide them with an education that will open all the right doors for the rest of their life. A poor education is perhaps something that can never be amended: once those early years are past, and the sponge like receptivity of the mind has ossified, no amount of evening classes or study groups can make up for the lost opportunity of a missed education.

Under such pressures then any parent will feel pressured and intimidated to make the right choice for their child. Even if, based on their location, options for schools are limited to perhaps two or three, they will have a hard decision ahead of them; and if they are lucky enough to have a wider range of choices, they may be at a loss to know how to judge one school against another.

A parent may visit numerous schools, in the hope of judging them first hand, and find that these visits actually tell them very little. School open days are obviously designed to present the best side of the institution. Any defects will be censored, while their proudest points will be highlighted, and be the centre pieces of the show.

To make an informed and meaningful judgement about a school, you will need empirical data. That is what you will find here. We have collated information from various sources, and can provide you here with the raw statistics. We believe this is the best way to judge any institution, be it a political party, a business, or, as in this case, a place of education. After all, the pupils will be assessed through their performance, in numerous exams and coursework and assessments; so let the schools themselves be judged also, and their performance be held to a reckoning.