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What Would You Choose To Spend More Enjoyable Vacation?

good food, good location, good friend to travel with.

Date : 28/02/2013

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Uploaded on : 28/02/2013
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There are many things to make vacation more enjoyable. However, if the option were given to select between good food, good location and good friend to travel with, I would choose good friend for the priority. This is because, even though I am not in travel, I could enjoy good food whenever I want. Moreover, good location is absolutely important issue, however, there is no meaning to travel with bad friend. First of all, in terms of making enjoyable vacation I would choose good friend rather than good food. I could enjoy good food even I am not in travel. On the other hand, a precious experience with good friend is special only in travel together. Some may argue that one can eat special and unique food in a certain place and I overgeneralized about 'good food'. In terms of overall enjoyment, however, I believe that there is no different between eating unique food in certain place and enjoying good food in a gorgeous restaurant. For me, a Sushi what I ate while traveling in Japan gave me almost same degree of happiness with the Sushi at a nice hotel restaurant in my city. So I would prioritize good friends over good food in terms of making vacations more enjoyable. On top of that, I would also prioritize good friend over good location when choose the better element for enjoyable vacation. As I mentioned above, good location occupy more than a few proportion when it comes to travel. However, good location became meaningless if I make a mistake in selecting a friend to travel with. No matter how great the place is the time spent with uncomfortable friend would be terrible. If so, we will ruin our whole vacation and it definitely worse than working. In other words, whether the location is awesome or not, one cannot enjoy their vacation without good travel companion. In conclusion, two reasons in this essay underpin my viewpoint well. Choosing good friend to travel with is the most important point to make vacation more enjoyable. Unique food in travel cannot give me special impression more than good food in a marvelous restaurant in my city, and even though the place is important, travel with unpleasant friend could end up with terrible vacation.

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