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Date : 07/03/2023

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Uploaded on : 07/03/2023
Subject : English

Write the opening part of a story about a place that is severely affected by the weather.

David watched as a piece of guttering clattered to the floor across the square. The weight of the world`s oceans filled this tow beyond the brim. It hadn`t stopped for about six hours thought David, as he peaked at his watch beneath the little bit of shelter he`d managed to carve out for himself. He daren`t move just yet though, raising his head just enough to see the clouds swallow the remaining rays of daylight.

David walked around the edges of the square as the clocktower in the middle seemingly reached up into darkness. `Perhaps there is light on the other side of those clouds`, he wondered, all the whilst punishing himself for not following through on the contingencies he planned for his house down by the sea shore. He was sure the floors were flooded and the tv set...

Suddenly his eyes darted in the darkness, peering perceptively toward a movement in the shadows outside the jewellery shop right across from where he stood. He could see the outline of a hooded black trench coat. Rolling thunder careered through the square without seeming to have a beginning or an end. It seemed this day represented all of David`s life to this point. Pointless...

`Snap out of it!`, he demanded. Reorienting himself ever so carefully, adjusting and rotating himself like a barber shop pole he could hear...CRASH! The shards of remaining glass enveloped a black hole which the man stepped into, turning the glass dust under his feet to cinders.

`Should I follow him? I haven`t seen anyone all day...`, thought David. Police had sent emergency text messages out this morning telling everyone to clear the town centre. Arching his back, taking a deep breath David ran. Raindrops ; pelted his face, burning and stinging and harassing him as he screwed his eyes into their shells. He`d reached the other side. He could hear leaking water somewhere in the darkness...it seemed like the roof would cave in. David determined that it definitely would. `Alright, time I did something brave`, he mustered. A scream, the grunting and huffing of an altercation. David leaped in with both feet.

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