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How To Use Language To Solve Maths Problems

Using Language to teach Maths

Date : 14/06/2022

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This is a research paper by &Neil Mercer Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK and Claire Sams Faculty of Education and Language Studies, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

It describes the power of language used in maths reasoning and highlights the teacher`s role in facilitating genuine progress in mathematical reasoning. That`s the skill that is often a barrier to progress. & Here is an extract: & lt;/p>

It is often claimed that working and talking with partners while carrying out maths activities is beneficial to students’ learning and the development of their mathematical understanding. However, observational research has shown that primary school children often do not work productively in group-based classroom activities, with the implication that they lack the necessary skills to manage their joint activity. The research we describe investigated these issues and also explored the role of the teacher in guiding the development of children’s skills in using language as a tool for reasoning. It involved an interventional teaching programme called Thinking Together, designed to enable children to talk and reason together effectively. The results obtained indicate that children can be enabled to use talk more effectively as a tool for reasoning& and that talk-based group activities can help the development of individuals’ mathematical reasoning, understanding and problem-solving. The results also encourage the view that the teacher of mathematics can play an important role in the development of children’s awareness and use of language as a tool for reasoning. We suggest some ways that this role can be carried out most effectively.

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