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Critical Evaluation Of The Use Of Technology In The Learning Of Function

Evaluate the use of technology in maths

Date : 12/10/2020

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Function is one of the most important components in mathematics learning, and it plays a vital role in students mathematics study. Questions, however, have been raised owing to students difficulty in learning function. Many scholars point out the obstacles that students face with comprehension of function. The challenge in the learning of function can be attributed to the diversity of its interpretations and representations , and its dual nature such that function can be understood as an object and a process. Consequently, there is increasing concern about the methods of helping students gain cognitive development in function, which indicates a necessity of conducting more elaborate researches on students learning of function. It has been recognised that technology is one of the effective ways to enhance students mathematical learning. There is a tendency for many traditional difficult mathematical problems that cannot be solved by paper-and-pencil environment, but to be worked out by the use of technology. There have been a number of studies exploring the learning of function in the technological environment. Integrated representations of functions can be generated by the presence of technological tools. It appears that technology can offer a context to facilitate students understanding of function. This indicates a need to conduct more studies on the impact of technology in the learning of function. Furthermore, the complexity of the technology use on learning of function makes it extremely difficult to represent it within one theory.

There have been several investigations into the challenges in the use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Studies have revealed that it is problematic for teachers to integrate technology into teaching and learning . Teachers may have difficulty in integrating between technology, pedagogy and content into classrooms. It is likely that teachers do not have sufficient experience in using the technology in the classroom. Moreover, the ways that knowledge is represented might be changed with the introduction of technology into mathematics classrooms. The emergence of technology in mathematics classrooms stimulates new forms of interactions, which shows this tool-mediated aspect of learning . Lastly, more research is required to determine whether the use of technology is for every learner and availability of the technology for continuous practice even outside the classroom.

Taken together, it is apparent that there are benefits and challenges in the use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. However, the findings from this article suggest that the use of technology can facilitate students learning of function. It is believed that technology can have a positive impact in the teaching and learning of mathematics. This would be a fruitful area for further work.

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