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An overview on how to tackle comprehension tasks

Date : 29/04/2019


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Uploaded by : Jemima
Uploaded on : 29/04/2019
Subject : Eleven Plus

Comprehension Skills

Reading constantly and consistently is the best method of understanding the comprehension passage. The key part to understanding comprehension is through highlighting or underlining the text as you are reading and to note down any relevant points which are of interest or important in the margin. This is known as annotating
. If you have time, read the text through twice and continue to annotate it as you go along. It will lead you to a better understanding of the passage. After you ve read the text, read the questions and highlight the key information that is being asked in the question. Start off by answering any of the questions that are easy and have straight-forward answers. Then look at the questions that are more challenging. Refer back to the annotations that you have done in the comprehension text and see if they answer any of the questions. You can always read the questions first and then read the text as there are times this makes more sense. It helps to save time by only reading through the necessary information.

ALWAYS double check your answers if you have time and go back to any questions you may have left unanswered.

What type of questions are asked?

1. Closed Questions where the exact answer is found in the passage

2. Analytical Questions where an explanation is required (use PEE point, evidence and explain)

3. Word or Phrase Questions asks you to explain the meaning of a word or phrase using the context of the passage

4. Reasoning Questions which asks you to explain what you understood from what is suggested or implied in the text

Multiple Choice Format

There are some 11+ and entrance exams which use a multiple-choice format and that can require some different and additional skills to those tested in a standard format exam. Here are some tips that will help you answer the comprehension part of a multiple-choice exam:

1. Carefully read and annotate the text as you would in a standard format exam.

2. Read all the answer choices for each question even if you think that you already know the answer as there may be some subtle wording differences. The correct answer is the one that completely answers the question and is the best match.

3. Do not just pick an answer because it provides you with a true statement about something that you have some knowledge about it must answer the question.

4. For questions that ask about the meaning of a word or phrase in the passage, ensure that you select the answer that gives the meaning of the word/phrase as it has been used in the passage.

5. Cross out answers that you know to be incorrect on the question paper. This will narrow down the choice and enable you to consider the options more carefully.

6. Do read the whole question before you attempt to choose your answer and then start to think what your answer would be in your head before you look at the options given. Choose the one that best summarises your thoughts.

7. Try not to spend too long on any one question as all the questions in multiple-choice exams carry the same marks.

8. Remember that your first response to a question is probably the correct answer. If you think about the answer too long you may confuse yourself. It is better to re-read the question if there is any doubt about your answer.

9. Do not leave any question unanswered have an educated guess as you go along and mark your exam paper to show you it is a guess. Then, if you have time at the end of the exam, go back to any questions that you have guessed and try to work out the correct answer.

10. Don't change your answers unless you have re-read the appropriate part of the comprehension passage and decided to choose a different answer option.

This resource was uploaded by: Jemima

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