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How Ms.access Can Help Your Business

Using Ms.Access to maintain your business

Date : 21/04/2016

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Uploaded by : Ahmed
Uploaded on : 21/04/2016
Subject : Microsoft Access

Ok, I heard the shouting... "Why should we learn to use Ms.Access at all, there are lots of cutting edge technologies out there having more advance features to maintain whole business?"

Yes, you are right...there are more robust advance technologies out there which can fulfill your business needs, integrated systems which can look after your inventory in real-times, linked with your bank accounts to automate payments in seconds hence reducing lots of time, enable your customers to submit online queries/demands etc...But with those high end software, can you 1) copy it to your USB and take it wherever you go and update entries while on the go. 2) makes rapid changes to your databases, reports, business logic etc with instant results 3) share it with your business partners in any PC having Ms.Office install (which I can safely say is available in almost any home/office PC) without having to initiate a new installation for database 4) having a backup with as simple as copy a single file from one place to another.

I suppose your answers to all above questions are "No", then welcome to Ms.Access world where you can turn your "No" to "Yes". Even if you don`t want to use Ms.Access for your business, it doesn`t hurt you to only learn the skills you will most likely to use in future. Now, when I am saying that skills you will use in the future, you may want some explanation about this statement.

Again we will take those "cutting edge software" as an example and this is real world scenario:

One of my friend having latest ERP system install in his office. And it goes without saying that this ERP cost them too much. After happily using ERP for few days, they suddenly realize "Oh man this system doesn`t have that MIS report we need urgently", fortunately this "high-end" system does have a process to export raw data to text/excel file. And my friend having advance skills in Ms.Excel/Ms.Access import that data, do some complex queries and voila!! That report is generated....mind you, this process was one time, as now they have the Ms.Access file structured, in future all they have to do is just import the raw file and report is ready.

So when resources are limited, and you have necessary skills, you can turn any data from any software in to meaning full reports. It is the fact that even world best software, at some point you do need something extra, something that your high end software don`t offer.

Those are the skills I am offering to teach. Whether you are student want to learn Ms.Access for practicing for School/College syllabus or you are newly appointed in Finance Department or MIS reporting/analyst, these skills will most likely help you do things better.

This resource was uploaded by: Ahmed