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Tips for writing Dissertation Proposals

Date : 29/04/2012

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The most confusing aspect is when students think that the title page of the dissertation is the same as its introduction. In most cases you are required to start with a research proposal. And research proposal is considered the first step in writing a dissertation and while writing the research proposal you have to use the format and guidelines set by your college or university. And research proposal plays the role of preview of your forthcoming dissertation. You should start your research proposal introduction with relevant information. You should keep your focus on the research idea or research question and you have to be convincing why your research question is important and how it will be able to play a stepping stone for future researchers. Highlight the issue and identify how it was addresses or researched in the past. To make a dissertation more appealing, it is always better to go for a topic or issue which has not been much investigated before. You will have to highlight the previous researches on this topic, talk about main theories or models and then start comparing these convincingly in accordance with your research questions. In order to support your research proposal and to prove that it is genuine, you are required to provide a bibliography. Research proposal should be taken as the foundation of a tall building as if the foundation is not laid properly, it will put the whole building in risk of falling. Similarly, if the research proposal does not make any sense, you will not be able to write a good dissertation. That is where SOFT SKILLS EXPERTS come in to save you from failing and all the tension which comes with it. Our experts are multi-dimensional, qualified, experienced researchers and excellent writers who are willing to work with the students and have already helped 100s of students from all over UK and abroad. Our experts always deliver excellent dissertation proposals so that our client students can achieve highest results and their academic goals. There is no doubt that a lot of effort and research is required to prepare an acceptable research proposal. Because our experts come from variety of backgrounds and have many years of solid experience, we are able to meet different needs of students and help them succeed. When we commit to prepare a dissertation research proposal, we talk to the student in detail to discuss all the requirements of their research proposal. We do this because it is vital to understand all the requirements in order to produce a quality report to achieve the desired objectives. And a good research proposal will play an important role throughout your dissertation project. You should always remember this fact that success of your dissertation is based on a quality dissertation research proposal and we will be more than happy to help you in producing one of your most important reports in your career. As you will definitely convince your university that you have the right knowledge of the subject and you are able to express it through your perfectly produced dissertation research proposal.

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