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I am looking for a mandarin tutor for my twin 6 yr old daughters in blackheath london.

My wife is chinese and was educated in a strict environment at primary school. I was educated in London where my schooling was more "relaxed".

So my question is - to learn mandarin as a child do you think a more formal style of tutoring or a more relaxed style of tutoring would produce the best results from the child`s perspective.
7 years ago

Mandarin Question asked by Marcus

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5 Answers

I think it depends on your child. I`d always prefer to teach in a more informal way . But as long as the tutor has good subject knowledge and is engaging and makes your child want to learn it may not matter.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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To answer your question, in my opinion. 6 year olds can absorb information and knowledge better when it is fun and memorable. However, the amount of learning is far less than a formal style whereby information are taught to ensure they learn the basics. There`s a lot to mandarin, especially writing it. There is no other way of learning how to write mandarin characters other than memorising and practising. There`s a certain structure as to how to write it but no connection between how you say a mandarin word to how it should be written. Hope this helps with whatever decision you are making. Sorry if I dint. :) Happy new year !
Answered by Emily | 7 years ago
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For 6 years old kids, I would prefer to choose a more relaxed way to teach them. They are not adults so I won`t teach a lot of grammars to them, instead, you can try to play some games or watch some Chinese cartoon with them. Making them love the language is very important.
Answered by Zhan | 7 years ago
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Most Chinese people don`t believe "relaxed" style in learning Mandarin as the language contains "two" languages basically, namely speaking and writing. But to a 6 year old child if the aim isn`t very ambitious there is lots of fun methods to involve them to learn, especially her mum is Chinese.
Answered by Yan | 7 years ago
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It depends on the reason for them to take up Mandarin. If it`s for conversational purposes, I would go for a more relaxed method of teaching as they would be able to learn the language quicker and in a fun method. If it`s for more formal purposes (exams, read & write) then I would use a mixture of both. Strict as in to make sure they complete the exercises (homework) and to read up the notes provided to them on a regular basis in order to pick up the language quicker.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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