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My son will be taking year 13 A leve mocks and final exams in coming weeks and months. He is intuitively good at maths but struggling with this subject. This is OCR MEI further maths - complex algorithms , flow charts etc.

Im seeking learning materials, videos and tuition if at all possible.

Your response would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards
4 years ago

Further Maths Question asked by Laide

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1 Answer

Hi I am assuming this is very outdated now but you can find OCR past paper exams on thier website which are probably the best resources for revision I have linked one there. https://www.ocr.uk/Images/491062-question-paper-further-concepts-for-advanced-mathematics.pdf
If you still need someone to tutor Alevel maths message me and I should be able to book you in
Answered by Benjamin | 3 years ago
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