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The research and development team you work with have been tasked with further investigation into how best to build more efficient, secure software. You have been asked to look into programming paradigms and the advantages and disadvantages of using different programming language approaches.
You will need to create a report covering findings from research into the characteristics of different programming paradigms – procedural, object-orientated and event-driven programming.
Your report should include an explanation of each paradigm, an analysis of suitable IDEs, and an evaluation of source code that would be generated for an application
4 years ago

Computer Programming Question asked by Stephen

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It`s a Q I frequently ask myself - what`s the best programming language? I have cut code in many languages over the years starting with assemblers, 13 dialects of Basic (I can remember), the Cs with C & C# being my preferred option; Java, multiple browser languages, Pascal/Delphi.

I have coded my own functional programming language and prototyped a system in Prolog. Recently I have been experimenting with Rust. Also, I use multiple OS, DBMS and IDEs.

The next port of call for me is Low/No Code.

When I asked my self that question recently, the answer lay in analysing the problem and I selected a different programming language for each aspect of a multi-layered problem.
Answered by Michael | 2 years ago
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