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What comparisons can be made between Othello and Animal Farm within the theme of power?
7 years ago

English Question asked by Jonah

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2 Answers

Similarities: You want to look at themes of corruption. Othello is effectively about a man on top who is brought down from the inside due to someone not agreeing with him being in power. Animal has this as a direct comparison, the battle for control between Snowball and Napoleon. Also the theme of loss of control or tragedy, both start in a place of prospect and doing good and descend into complete destruction. Also look at themes of equalities and the idea of being different

Differences: Othello is about a human man`s fall for emotion reasons, he goes from man driven by action to a man who kills his wife, he suffers an emotion breakdown. Whilst Animal is much more about policitcal downfall for ideological reasons it doesn`t focus on one man per say but on the state of the whole farm which represents a whole nation.
Iago, the perpetrator of Othello`s downfall is much more subtle and unclear on his reasons for corrupting Othellos ear, is it hate? is it jealousy? No one truly knows. certainly we can say that Iago doesn`t want to be leader like Othello. Whilst in Animal it is quite clear that the power vacuum left by Old Major is desperately wanted to be filled by Snowball and Napoleon, their reasons are quite clear.

Just some ideas hope they help. Josh
Answered by Josh | 7 years ago
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Okey, so to tackle this question. You need to analyse the question in some detail, as the answer is there basically. So, first thing, it asks you is What e.g. describing the process of comparisons, e.g. what kind of comparisons between two pieces of texts e.g. Othello which was a written by Shake spear and Animal Farm by George Arwell. When making comparisons we need to understand the similarities and differences that exist between these two texts, we also need to know about the Authors, as the text they have composed will give us varying ideas which relate to their personal interests. The idea of power will for instance in this sense be conveyed differently, whilst their might be a few areas were there are cross-overs.

Essentially, the idea is to look at the texts, and compare them within theme of power or the way power is conveyed, this might be through the characters used, situations or circumstances created e.t.c.

Hope this helps.

Answered by Ishmail | 7 years ago
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