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How do you convert a binary MAC address to hexadecimal form please
5 years ago

Network Infrastructure Question asked by Sabrina

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1 Answer

A MAC address is made up of 48-bits. The high order 25 bits of the MAC address are fixed and that is the 01-00-5E. To determine the rest of the MAC address we will use the remaining 23 low order bits to generate the full MAC address

Hexadecimal numbers use a base 16 where numbers are counted from 0 to 9 then letters A to F before adding another digit. You can think of it as though A is 10, B is 11, C is 12, D is 13, E is 14, and F is 15. Using this method makes it much easier to work with large numbers over using decimal standard. Decimals use a base 10 while Hexadecimals use a base 16.
You can use this website to automatically convert it for you:
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