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1. Identify a process at Wild Blue Yonder Technologies that you intend to support by a software application – this should include a scope, business case and assurance case statement
2. Define top-level functions required to carry out the desired process – these must be coherent (e.g., logically related and complete set of activities)
3. Decompose the top level functions into a second level of component functions
4. Decompose the second level functions into a third level of component functions (e.g., formulate a component tree)
5. Assign a (imaginary) supplier for each component at all tiers – these will be assumed to be subcontracted relationships (e.g., the work will be done by a subcontractor directly employed by the higher level entity)

here is a document for wild blue yonder technologies :
GPS/CDU Project for Wild Blue Yonder Technologies

Wild Blue Yonder Technologies Inc (WYBT) is a general holding company whose line of business is tailored to high-tech holdings. Wild Blue Yonder Technologies various subsidiary companies are maintained as one coordinated business from offices in New York City. The centralization of policy and planning direction at one location has historically produced higher revenues, profit margins, and customer satisfaction. The necessary degree of coordination is enabled by a global, enterprise network that is managed from the New York location. That network provides secure telecommunications capability with embedded firewall protection, multi-carrier cellular access options and automatic access point database updates for all connection types. It enables access to the enterprise’s applications from any location on an as-needed basis. The network also provides integrated, any distance, seamless connectivity to WBYT’s centralized information resources.
WBYT’s holdings are concentrated in advanced technology products and services. Two closely held subsidiaries deal exclusively with the Federal government. The line of business of one, which is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is R&D and manufacture for advanced capability components for the F 16 Fighting Falcon and F 18 Super Hornet. The other, based in Jacksonville deals in R&D in target acquisition and fire control systems for Army helicopters. There is also a manufacturing facility in Detroit. That facility builds Leopard tanks for the Canadian Army under license from the German government. Other close holdings in WBYT’s empire include a commercial electronics R&D facility in Corvallis. The Corvallis facility also does contract work for the Idaho National Laboratory. In addition to the closely held corporations, there are loosely held electronics manufacturing, or service holdings in Pittsburgh, Houston, Des Moines, Sioux Falls, Denver and Bozeman. These facilities serve the consumer high-tech industry.
Finally, there are a number of loosely held international corpo

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