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What is children`s play seen as? Why is play so crucial to children?
8 years ago

Early Years Question asked by Iqra

Play moulds a child to become the young adult they will one day be. Through play a child develops confidence by communicating and listening to others. They begin to socialise through independent choices thus enabling them to make decisions of their own. Due to this when it comes to the academic side they feel ready to take on a new challenge. If you combine play with learning for example a child has found some pirate treasure (some stones from the garden) and the adult suggests we make a treasure box and label it, the child will not even realise they are writing all they will see is a pirate world full of fun creations. Through `play` writing has become enjoyable and 99.9% the next time the child finds something new they will independently choose to label their work. Therefore developing their writing knowledge. Play in early years is important because it is a child`s earliest years. Allow them to be children whilst they can and to learn through play as much as they can.
21/11/2015 09:55:28 | comment by Alice
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1 Answer

Play amongst children is a social activity that builds their minds and also helps them in building relationships. Play also helps build their minds as they get a chance to be creative. Some groom their talents this way that is why it`s important you give them ample space to play.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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