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I want to be a PHP project manager. What will have to do ?
6 years ago

PHP Question asked by Raquibul

What`s your proficiency in PHP at the moment?
24/03/2018 20:20:25 | comment by Alex
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1 Answer

Hi Raquibul. The easy answer is there`s so much to learn you need to take a project management course. The key thing a project manager does is to take responsibility. You need to protect your project from all of the following. THE CUSTOMER:- changing its mind; giving confused messages; not giving priority; not working out the impact of the project; not carrying out its tasks; not communicating with or training the users; etc. YOUR MANAGEMENT:- assuming your project is easy; not giving you enough time, resources and equipment; confusing the objectives; distracting or demotivating you and your team; ignoring you; etc. YOUR TEAM:- getting distracted and demotivated; squabbling; not having the skills; not asking for help or admitting they`re out of their depth; etc. SUPPLIERS:- letting you down in all manner of ways. THE TECHNICAL WORK:- the project being more difficult than expected (or even impossible); the approach changing; the supporting technology being inadequate; etc. YOU:- losing confidence when the going gets difficult (as it always does); not being prepared to stand up to customers, users, management, suppliers, the team; etc. I hope it went better than my list above suggests! Do any of these problems sound familiar?
Answered by Tim | 6 years ago
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