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Describe how you would Mount four hard disk drivers on the same system unit and the best way they will appear in the BIOS setup during the POST procedure. Someone please help me answer this question.
6 years ago

Information Technology Question asked by Dedan

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1 Answer

if you mean how to put 4 hard drives into a PC, they go in pairs, master and slave ide channel 1 and then the same for channel 2, there are little jumper connectors on the back of the drives where you set as master, slave and one setting called cable select, do not use cable select setting, set two drives as master and two as slave, on modern ide cables that connect hard drives to the mother board the connector ends are labled as master and slave, ensure you plug them in the right way, so you will have two ribbon cables coming out of the motherboard each with two drives attatched and the pc figures it out for you so no need to play with the bios unless you have a very old pc like 1998 or before then ensure hard drives are no bigger than 80 to 100giga byte or you can run into trouble sometimes, hope that helps
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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