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a customer running windows7 with an antivirus application installed reports that he has downloaded a program from the internet and installed it in his computer.after installing the program,he started receiving emails from people he never knew.the customer removed the program from his computer but is still getting those emails.how would you help the customer?”
6 years ago

Information Security Question asked by Dedan

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1 Answer

It could be a coincidence, or the program somehow harvested his email address.

Now they are receiving the emails, you need to ensure their spam filter is working. Gmail has one of the best spam filters. I`d try to persuade them to change email address to Gmail. This would get rid of the current problem, and reduce chances of getting odd emails in the future.

If they aren`t happy with that, ensure the spam filter on the current system is effective, by training it. This means regularly marking the dodgy emails as spam, and checking emails in the spam folder, and marking any emails in there that aren`t spam, as `not spam`.

Over time, they should stop receiving those emails.

You can sometimes change a setting in some emails to only let emails through, that are in your email address book. Not useful for businesses, but mostly effective for people only receiving emails from specific people. You need to add all relevant people, including companies like Amazon or eBay (if they use those), to their address book.
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