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Hi, I`m currently in my final year of law LLB.

Just need some guidance in tackling a 10,000 word essay question in fiduciary.

Essay title:

To understand the role of the fiduciary, we need a theory of conscience. The problem is that conscience remains a somewhat problematic term.
7 years ago

Law Question asked by Soumya

Hi Soumya, I would usually expect to have a discussion with you about the query you have raised because it requires more than cursory consideration but please find a general overview of the structure you may find useful in an essay of this kind below.
07/06/2017 14:55:00 | comment by [Deleted Member]
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A 10,000 word essay in a legal field, you would usually begin with an abstract (containing approximately 500 words) in which you would set out the salient points that you will proceed to discuss within the essay, but you should consult with the instructions provided with the question to ensure that this is the case.
Your abstract should clarify the meaning of both "fiduciary" and "conscience" within a legal setting.

Your introduction should identify the issues of jurisprudence, setting the scene for a discussion of the issue of "fiduciary" in context e.g. the types of fiduciary duty and how they may manifest themselves. Likewise there should be an introduction to the concept of "conscience" in the context if the types of fiduciary duty you have identified. This will lead to a more formal discussion of the leading arguments associated with (Emmanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham etc.). The arguments in questions should be applied to current day theories, using a series of related articles, texts & internet refs. Conclude with a restatement of the original issues identified in your introduction, to conceptualize the question, using the OSCOLA referencing style (footnotes). Consult with instructions provided.

Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Thank you for taking the time to answer my query. Much appreciated. Am I right in writing the definition of both fiduciary relationships and conscience and my views on it to an extent to tell the marker my view from the start. I`ve included both these definitions in the introduction. Should they both just be elaborated further in the abstract? thank you
20/06/2017 01:15:02 | comment by Soumya
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