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Use the SEMF to predict the atomic masses of 4He,
14C,196Au, 244Pu in atomic mass units. Compare
these to the real values and estimate the percentage error in each case.

final answers are:
2He (4.006177186, 4.007274252 , 4.00260325413, 0.1166990e-0)
6 C (13.99957648, 14.00286768, 14.003241, 0.266596e-2)
196Au ( 195.9175447, 195.9608788, 195.966569 0.00290366)
244Pu (243.9973552, 244.0489173, 244.064205, 0.626381e-2)

what formula do we use to find this?
7 years ago

Physics Question asked by Rawan

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2 Answers

You can read about the Semi Empirical Mass Formula on the following page


which gives the equation. Essentially it is using calculations based on the liquid drop model of the nucleus to estimate the mass defect which results from the nuclear binding energy. More information on performing the calculation is given on the Wikipedia page.

This is well beyond A-Level Physics and I don`t recall ever using the SEMF myself.
Answered by David | 7 years ago
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I agree with the answer David gave below. Not A level too high a level. Never encountered in 36 years teaching A level.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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