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I want to conduct SSLstrip attack on victims and by victims i mean i have setup a free wifi on my laptop using kali linux running in vmware and attached wireless adapter to act as access point. I want to conduct jamming attack first so that users are disconnected from legitimate AP and connect to my AP. When they are using my WLAN i want to conduct SSLstrip attack on them to see their credentials, lets say they want to log on facebook so when they do sslstrip will record their username and pass word and i would be able to see it in my kali linux machine.To mitigate this i will run VPN on user device so that even he is a victim of man in the middle attack but attacker would not be able to see his credentials as VPN do the encryption.

Please let me know if you want anymore information so that i provide it to you. I want help with this , i have tried but its not working and i am stuck.
7 years ago

Linux Question asked by Aizaz

Hey! I have the answer! but you should take 2 session to get its answer
18/02/2017 12:48:10 | comment by Sami
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