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Need help with Rousseau essay - specifically amour propre, Can anyone help?

7 years ago

Philosophy Question asked by Amelia

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2 Answers

The concept of amour propre is consistent with Rousseau`s social contract theory. In that, he talks of how gradual social advancement, harnessed by technology (modernity) and changes in social interaction, inevitably lead to the corruption of what Rousseau and other social contract theorists call the `state of nature`. When society leaves the hypothetical state of nature, and enters into a more corrupt state, the concept of amour propre - a self-love informed by the opinion and esteem of others - overrides the natural state of amour de soi, a pure form of self-love, unreliant on the views of others. Rousseau maintained that amour propre was the root of vice and misery in a new advanced society.
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Hi please tell me what you need help with.
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