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How do I improve my essay writing skills for A Level English?
6 years ago

English Question asked by Raymond

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8 Answers

Practise past papers and get them marked by either your teacher or someone with experience (for the essay writing questions). Most English essays will follow a similar structure, introduction, your points, and a conclusion. I`d say with every point you make, follow the `PEE` or `PEELA` structure, Point (that your making in that paragraph), Evidence (either from the text or any research such as quotes), Explanation, of how it all fits together. That`s the `PEE` structure. The `LA` in `PEELA` is the same as `PEE` but goes a bit further and also wants you to Link everything back to the question, and the Apply it (for an extra few marks). It also helps to have a very good understanding of the question and text. do some extra research around it if need be! Hope this helps! :)
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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To improve your writing skills for A Level English, you need to look at the mark scheme and all the AO- Points. for example if you are writing an AO3 point you need to write the context. Look at the mark scheme and the examiners commentaries on your exam board website
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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I would say make absolutely sure what the question being asked is. Then plan ways to answer the question do a few rough attempts if needed. Try to improve your vocabulary if it is limited. Answers that stand out have a mix of simple and complex sentences, words which show intellect and entice the reader to read on.
This is not exhaustive, but I hope it gives you a few suggestions.
Answered by Rachel | 6 years ago
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Firstly you need to know your content in order to write an excellent essay answer. Secondly, knowing how to analysing and arguing your case in the context of the answer will definitely help improve your essay writing skills.
Practising past exam papers and marking yourself against the mark scheme will help you see how you`re doing.
And of course tutoring can help because you are discussing with someone and getting another point of view as well.
Answered by Anum | 6 years ago
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Read some of the good samples that are easy to find online and analyse how the ideas where organised and the type of sentences used as well as the suitability of the terminology and finally practice writing about the same topic and compare your writing to the one you read.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Begin by exploring some of the main point`s you`d like to include in your essay, think about how they will attempt to answer the essay question. Make sure you have a flowing essay in other words precise and coherent. Try to use a wider range of vocabulary as well as literary techniques.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Make sure you have enough points to be able to answer your question. Together with proof of it in your book or the internet.

Start your essay with a strong topic sentence which will make the paragraph interesting.

Make sure you do not narrate in the paragraph just write strong facts.

The topic sentence will afterwards be explained by the supporting topic sentence then the illustrations.

Illustrations are very important in an essay since they speak the truth in your work.

Answered by [Deleted Member]
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First, learn to tell a story and the rest would follow easily. Argue about common problems and issues in your community. Sample views and opinions from people and organize your findings properly. Good luck.
Answered by Wisdom | 6 years ago
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