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what would the best way be to prepare my daughter for taking the 11+? she is due to take it in 12 months time. i was thinking extra tuition but will that be to much and what subjects should she do more of other than she already does at school? thanks for any response in advance.
7 years ago

Eleven Plus Question asked by Paul

I`d recommend using the Bond Online rather than buying numerous Bonds books. More variety and works out much cheaper! ( and the kids love using the computer rather than pencil and paper)
04/01/2017 17:43:43 | comment by Anna
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Hi Paul

The style of the tests are evolving. Until we see copies of this year`s papers you should focus on these things in the interim.

The best possible tip for the Verbal Reasoning strand is to ensure your child reads for enjoyment for a minimum of an hour a day. As parents we need to take resonsibity for this by supporting them in finding books they will enjoy reading.Before bed and just before school are generally the most productive times.
This immersion in language improves vocabulary and supports the development of creative writing which was a requirement in the Altrincham tests this year.

The Mathematics strand can be developed through focus on curriculum content at Levels 5/6. Although the measures are changing you should be to acquire resources from many shops. A tip if you are not going to use a tutor is to get your child to find answers for themselves rather than be told them. When purchasing textbooks ensure you child uses a pencil to write in them if maybe photocopy sheets for her use to.practice on. Multiple choice questions are more appropriate and lack of clutter within the textbooks offers increased chances of knowledge retention.

The Non Verbal Reasoning strand is based on rotation, reflection and sequences. Practise with a parent.Make it fun

Answered by [Deleted Member]
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With my current year 5 students I focus on the skills they require most. Essentially, it`s hard to say without working with the pupil initially in order to gauge their individual strengths and weaknesses. Is it the Bexley or Kent test you`re thinking of entering your child for? Again, this is a pertinent factor.

Let me know if I can be of assistance. I still have a few available time slots left.

Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Private tuition would be a good option. In order to prepare thoroughly for the eleven plus it is essential to study the following:

Verbal Reasoning
Non verbal Reasoning

The standard of the eleven plus is usually higher than that taught at school. I would suggest good guidance from a tutor. Also find out which board the grammar school uses for the test.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Hi Paul,

For the 11+ the best preparation is practice, I`d suggest you get some practice papers (you can either buy these or find some free online) for your daughter to work through, which will give you a good idea of what she needs to work on the most.

In particular, the non-verbal reasoning can be challenging, as it`s very much something you "get the hang of", and isn`t usually taught in schools. This involves things like recognising patterns in shapes to decide which shape should be next in a sequence or which is the odd one out.

My advice would be to first of all focus on providing your daughter with practice papers, these are quick to mark yourself so you can see how she`s doing in each section, and then make a decision about whether a tutor is needed
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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