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How to master java programming and is there any books or websites that will help
8 years ago

Java Question asked by Majed

Try the which website they can be usefull or visit the Java website
06/11/2015 17:38:30 | comment by [Deleted Member]
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3 Answers

Hi Majed
You might want to look into Lynda which has video tutorials and exercises to help you learn


Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Hi There

If you google "Java tutorial", a lot of links will be listed. You can follow any of them. If you have any assistance for configuring your development environment, I can help. I do online tutoring also.

I prefer online documents rather than books, because I can simply copy and paste the code and edit if I need.

Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Go to www.codeacademy.com which you can use for free. It can teach you coding in Java step by step.
19/11/2015 10:44:22 | comment by Andrew
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You say Master rather than Learn. To Master the Java programming language requires a number of years of actual development experience.

To learn Java you can learn the basics from a book but to truly develop your skills you need to actually develop some non-trivial systems.

You have to remember that Java programming goes hand in hand with Object Orientated Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD), so one needs to understand how to take specifications from the written word and possibly model them in UML, before implementing them in well architected Java code.

By all means grab a book and code the examples you`ll find there, but also download and study some of the many open source projects out there and see how highly experienced developers cut code. The Apache Software Foundation is a good starting place, and if you really want to dive deep grab a copy of Wildfly - the Java JEE Application Server and study the code for that. That will cover a vast amount of programming topics.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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