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Any innovative ways? Not upturned burette or gas syringe, how could I use neutralisation of naoh by co2 to measure the rate of reaction
8 years ago

Chemistry Question asked by Salesh

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2 Answers

Seal a volume of NAOH solution with CO2 above it in the same container, with a pressure gauge exposed to the CO2. Observe how the pressure drops with time (hence follow the rate of reaction). As long as the temperature of the apparatus is kept constant the saturated vapour pressure will remain the same (cf a mercury barometer with a `vacuum at the top of the sealed column with a saturated vapour pressure of mercury.
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An alternative method would be to measure would be pH of the solution through the reaction as the concentration of NaOH will be dropping. You will need a pH meter with a fast response time and make sure the solution is constantly stired in order to get best results.

A more difficult method would be to measure the change in conductivity of the solution. Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Carbonate have different conductivities for the same concentrations. For more information look up this table:

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