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I am building a platform which allows users to compare machine learning algorithms against datasets (but only one dataset at a time). So the GUI I have developed is in Java and the machine learning algorithms are run in R. I am trying to bind R and Java together so when the user clicks on a button, the algorithms run in the background in R and the users get a result in Java.

I hope this makes sense.

8 years ago

Java Question asked by Harsh

Your question suggests the following requirements. 1) multi-user/concurrent user online system 2) long lived transactions If you are going to have concurrent requests plus those requests are long lived then you will need to look at using a JEE container such as Wildfly. This will give the ability to handle the concurrency but also the asynchronicity of the long lived transactions using JMS. The processing request will be submitted by the user and written to a JMS processing queue from which jobs are read by the R processing system likely to be wrapped in a JEE Message Bean. The request is returned to the user and maybe using AJAX/JSON the status of the pending transaction can be received via callback or polling. Hope that helps. If I have miss-understood the question I`d be happy to adapt my answer. Regards, Shaun.
29/04/2016 09:30:20 | comment by Shaun
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Your problem is about passing data between 2 different platforms. The safe way to do this is to get your R system to run as a separate application on the test data you are using and then send the result to an external file that is made available to the Java application.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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