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I am struggling to find a case study to work on where there are enough secondary resources.

Other guidelines are:
Choose one concept introduced during the lecture programme and apply this to one case of
business-to-business marketing. Develop your case from secondary sources. Critically
appraise the concept in the light of the case, and comment on the effectiveness of the actions
of the lead players in the case and present managerial and conceptual conclusions.
• You should prepare your own case from secondary sources, including financial press
and company or organization web sites.
• By ‘concept’, I mean any general and abstract idea or framework introduced during
the lectures and supported by the course’s reading list. For example: embeddedness,
relationship, interaction, network, network picture or resource (there are many others).
• Make sure that you use only one concept the learning objective here is in-depth
application and analysis.
• This course is on business-to-business marketing, so your case must include at least
two businesses or organizations that remain as at least two businesses throughout the
time-line of your case. Take-overs and mergers, on their own, do not count as they
begin as two businesses but end up as only one business.
8 years ago

Business Studies Question asked by Natalie

In my experience as a marker of similar assignments can I suggest you do NOT go for the `obvious` B2B companies, e.g. large Blue Chip, in-class examples, as this is the `easy` route and would be classed as `pedestrian` e.g. 3rd class or lower 2.2. Try and find your own B2B examples as this shows initiative. I would also recommend finding the textbook written by Brennan et al., as this provides many more examples, case studies and references which might be useful to support your critical analysis. Good luck Natalie :-)
07/03/2016 13:37:36 | comment by Sue
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You can two companies from Travel and Tourism Industry. Most of the companies that work in TT work very closely with each other. Most of the time they do personal selling for their B2B sales.
I am a lecturer and marketing is my major subject. I can help you with whole assignment including environment analysis, marketing strategy, marketing mix and control and implementation.

Kind Regards
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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