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My daughter is in year 5 and need to prepare for her 11+.
When should we start tutoring?
We live in west kensington, please let me know if you have any availabilities.
7 years ago

Eleven Plus Question asked by Franck

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10 Answers

Having worked with many children preparing for 11+, I think now is the perfect time to start tutoring for your daughter, particularly if you`re applying for the especially competitive London schools (an assumption based on your location). The vast majority of pupils start 11+ tutoring in year 5, with some starting earlier and some in year 6.

Starting now means your daughter can go at a more relaxed pace than if she started in year 6, which results in more stress for both the child, the parents and everyone involved. She`s in year 5 but the 11+ really isn`t that far away, it goes by quicker than you think. If more work is needed, it means you won`t be cramming in the first term of year 6, which in my experience results in needing several sessions a week, not desirable for anybody and too stressful for children. Starting now also gives her time to digest new concepts.

To summarise, now would be the perfect time to start 11+ tutoring. If it turns out that she doesn`t need as many lessons, then things can proceed at a less frantic, more relaxed pace, whereas if she needs the extra support, then there is time to give it to her without causing undue stress.

Just my humble opinion from my own experience tutoring 11+ and 13+ pupils.
Answered by Lizan | 7 years ago
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Most children do a year`s preparation for the 11+. Six months is probably adequate, but you need to start now, especially if she is not in the top groups for English and Maths. You also need to prep her in non-verbal reasoning. The SATS levels have all been given new designations, but she needs to be at the old level 5c by September for the grammar schools, and the old level 5A for the independent schools the Jan after.
Best wishes

Answered by Linda | 7 years ago
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I would be happy to do some English tuition for you and Am happy to help with maths and science studies and homework.
I am based in Hounslow but it would not be a problem for me to get to West Kensington.
Please feel free to view my profile and get in touch!
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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The earlier the better, but more important is the learning method you use. Everyone learns differently, so identifying how your daughter learns will make a big difference on how effective tuition and other learning efforts are. Try to integrate maths into day to day activities to make understanding maths more natural.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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You need to start preparing your child for the 11+ immediately. Many students start preparing even before year 5. The exam questions are quite different to what students normally study at this age in school. I can tutor on-line Maths. I am already doing so with another year 5 student. I provide the first lesson free.
However, if you don`t like the thought of this that i fine but I sincerely advise you to look for a teacher asap.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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You should start immediately.

I do have availabilities but I live far away from you.

Answered by Tola | 7 years ago
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Year 5 is the most important year for preparation for the 11 Plus. In areas where the test consists of only one or two types of test – Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning for example – it may only be necessary to begin tuition in the January of Year 5. As the 11 Plus tests are taken in the autumn term in almost every area, this gives you at least eight months to prepare your child.
Answered by Rakhee | 7 years ago
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It depends on a few things: her ability, how she is doing at school, whether or not the school she is attending prepares children for 11+ and what schools you intend to apply for.

State schools generally do not prepare for the 11+.
Depending on what schools you are applying to your daughter may have to sit exams in Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning in addition to English and Maths.

Private schools which finish at the end of Year 6 usually prepare children for these tests anyway.

Some of the 11+ exams are in September and some in January. You would have to check the schools for this. If you are intending your daughter to sit an exam in September, now might be a good time to start.

Best wishes in finding a tutor in your area.
Answered by Amalie | 7 years ago
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Answered by Ansuman | 7 years ago
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Sorry I am unable to help . Hope you find a suitable tutor . Kind regards Trish
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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