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How to Book lessons on Tutor Hunt


Since we started Tutor Hunt back in 2005 - wow has it really been that long? - We have helped thousands of students with their academic work, as well as offering vocational support for adults across the country.

With so many tutors registered on our site you can be sure to find someone who is suitable, but how do you begin the process? With so much choice what`s the best way to select the tutor who is right for you?

We want to make the process of finding a tutor as easy as possible, so right on our homepage you will be able to start looking. Without even having to sign up with us you can search our tutor profiles, and see if there is anyone you would like to make contact with.

On our homepage you will see the words `Find the right online tutor for you,` and just below this are the options for in-person or online tuition. In-person of course denotes meeting up with your tutor and having your lessons at a specified location. This could be at your home, the tutor`s, or some neutral location, such as a library. Selecting online tuition will bring up a list of tutors who provide their lessons using our interactive whiteboard.

In the section below you can enter the subject you are seeking tuition in. Once you have entered your subject you can adjust the `level` denoting the academic grade your tuition shall cover. The available options are Primary, KS3, GCSE, A-Level, Degree, and Adult Learner. The setting Adult Learner should be used for vocational subjects, or if you are looking for tuition outside of the national curriculum, such as learning a language for pleasure or travel.

With these selections made you can now click the search button. On the following page you will be presented with a list of tutors who match your search criteria. Their first name along with their hourly rate (or range of hourly rates, should they teach different subjects at different levels) will be presented. Clicking on a particular tutor`s name will take you to their individual profile page. Here you will find an abundance of information, including their hourly rate for each of their subjects, a personal description written by the tutor, along with sundry other details. Scrolling to the lower part of the tutor`s profile will display any feedback they have received from previous tutees.

In the top right hand corner of each tutor`s profile page you will see a green `contact this tutor` button. By clicking this you will be able to compose a message, in which you should include as much information as possible about your requirements, such as the days and times you shall be wanting lessons, what part of your course you are having trouble with, and the syllabus you are studying.

You are at liberty to message as many tutors as you wish, and it`s recommended you continue perusing the original list of suitable candidates to see of there are any others you wish to contact. We shall send you an email when one of the tutors replies to your message.

Once you have logged in simply click the `account` button in the top right hand corner of this screen. The second item on the drop down menu - my enquiries - will show a green circle, within which is a number denoting how many new messages you have. Clicking on the `my enquiries` tab will take you to the the section of your account dealing with all the messages sent to, and received from tutors. You will see a list of the tutors` names, and a red `new` symbol attached to any messages you have not yet opened.

By clicking on the message, which is highlighted in bold font, you can read it in its entirety, and also write a reply by clicking on the white box containing the text `write your message here.` You will also see the tutor`s name, and their profile photo. You may want to refresh your memory as to the tutor`s full profile, and by clicking on their name you will be taken back to their profile page.

If after a period of correspondence with a tutor, you decide to have lessons with them and they are available, the tutor will make a booking for the appointment you have both agreed upon. At this point you will have to confirm the lesson by entering your card details onto the website. Your card will be authorised for £1, a procedure routinely undertaken by many companies simply to check the associated bank account is valid. This £1 charge will be later taken off the full charge for your lesson with the tutor.

At the scheduled time for the lesson you shall, if conducting face to face lessons, meet with them at the appointed location. If the lesson is online simply log into your Tutor Hunt account five minutes before the lesson is due to begin, and you will be automatically taken to our online portal. Here you will be able to use our own video and audio system to carry out your lesson.

Any upcoming lessons can be seen on the `bookings` page of your Tutor Hunt account. To view this simply log in, click the account button in the top right hand corner of the screen, and navigate to the dashboard. There you will will see a bookings tab on the left of the screen. Any future lessons will be indicated on the calendar. If you wish to make an alteration to any of the lessons you can click on the box in the calendar, then click the `message tutor` button.

8 months ago