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Information about Kieran

I have been tutoring Politics since 2014 and have worked with students with a range of abilities. I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford and have worked for political parties in the UK and overseas. I find students value the insights these experiences allow me to bring to sometimes dull material. I have also written about international politics for the i, the New Statesman and several other publications.

I enjoy helping students with essay and exam technique, however my own view (and this is borne out by the success my students have once we correct the latter) is that allegedly deficient technique is often a result of a lack of knowledge of appropriate examples and arguments.

For students with realistic aims of Bs, As and A*s I will go beyond the textbook and explain more sophisticated theories and more unusual but equally appropriate examples. As well as giving these students an advantage over their peers, this is good preparation for studying humanities or social science subjects at university. For students aiming for other marks I will cover more fundamental material, but I promise to make sessions lively and make limited use of the textbook, which is quite dry.

Between each session I will ask students to do some work (normally a full essay) and send it to me in advance. I mark these essays in my own time. Most tutors will mark homework whilst they are with the student, `on the clock`, which is a waste of the student`s time and the parents` money!

Beyond the above, I`m pretty flexible about teaching style. Some students get the most out of back-and-forth discussions, others prefer a more traditional, tutor-led session. I`ll try to make a quick assessment of what best suits you/your child, however I`m always happy to take on board feedback and change my approach.

I`m comfortable supplementing a school`s teaching, when it is good and the student is generally doing well. I`ll help the student fill in the gaps in their knowledge and go further than the school can in areas that interest the student and/or give them the best chance of writing a high-quality, distinctive essay in the exam. On the other hand, if the student, for whatever reason, has missed lots of school teaching or is just not getting much out of it, I`ve also got lots of experience teaching the whole syllabus from scratch.

I only teach Politics and I advise you to be wary of tutors professing competency in several subjects. I am also able to help with certain admissions tests and personal statements.

I take at most four students a year. This means I can normally, if desired, provide extra sessions around exam time.

Availability: Flexible. Most of my other work is freelance so I can normally work around your needs.

Willing to travel: 15 miles

Experience: Worked in a school 2011-2014 running Oxbridge admissions programme, and tutored Politics privately for the last five years.

DBS Check: Yes

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Feedback For Kieran (17)

We have a total of 17 review(s) for Kieran.

Sophie (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Kieran tutored me for A Level Politics. Not only did he help me improve my essay writing (something which I was able to utilise in my other subjects) and political knowledge, but he made every session engaging and enjoyable, so much so that I achieved an A* grade and am now going on to study Politics at university. Kieran was also very supportive even outside of our sessions, regularly marking, feeding back on my work and answering any questions or queries I had. This is something I have not experienced with any other tutor hence why I could not recommend Kieran enough.

Claudia (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Kieran is much more than a tutor! In few months he has boosted my daughter`s confidence in writing politics essays and inspire her to pursue Politics at University. Kieran is incredibly knowledgable, he adopts a very useful teaching methodology writing notes on Google docs whilst he explains, so my daughter can access his notes whenever needed and for revision. In every session he covers a new topic (suggested by my daughter based on her politics programme), every sessions is well and clearly structured and he regularly introduces online resources that my daughter isn`t aware of. I`m very please to see my daughter`s confident attitude in preparing for her Politics end of year exam next week.

Chris (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Kieran has been tutoring my son, currently studying A Level Government and Politics for the past year. I am most grateful to him for support. They have worked well together and it has been extremely helpful having this support.

Sophie (Prof)

5/5 Rating

Excellent tutor, very helpful and knowledgeable, able to adapt to the pupil`s needs.

Carlos (Mr)

5/5 Rating


Deniz (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Kieran is more than a teacher, he`s been a mentor to my daughter. Always kind and motivating, he gives excellent tips for her writing skills. Thank you once more.

Kate (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

University Tuition - Kieran came to the rescue of my Year 2 Undergrad at very short notice. He has been brilliant. He has it seems, stood in for the Uni tutor who would have been there, had the Unis not been closed. He has gone well beyond the call of duty and has taken great care to help my undergraduate. He is patient, thorough and extremely knowable. Kieran has shared his passion, his expertise and he really cares about his students. Thank you, Kieran.

Elina (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Kieran is a great teacher who is currently helping me a lot with my politics A level. I have not been doing so well with politics averaging at around a C at school but I am sure that with Kieran`s help I can get my A grade. Communication is always very easy so overall Kieran is a perfect tutor for anyone studying politics!

Catherine (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Kieran is a superb tutor. I wish I could leave a six star rating. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the material. In particular, he is good at identifying specific steps a student needs to take to improve their understanding and exam performance. Highly recommend.

Wemimo (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Kieran is such an amazing and impactful tutor.

My daughter started benefiting from his experience and patience from the first session she had with him. She had been struggling with answering techniques in politics but Kieran did a fantastic job of breaking it down for her.

He also marks her work on his own time and does not infringe on our tutorial time hence giving her more time to learn.

Though she hasn`t taken any exams, i`m looking forward to her grades and will surely post another review when her results are out.

I strongly recommend him.


Sigrid (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Kieran tutored my son over a few weeks in preparation for resitting an A level Government and Politics unit. Overall, we were very happy with Kieran`s tutoring and the level of support he provided. Kieran had an excellent knowledge of the subject, of the qualification specification, and of strategies for revising and taking exams. He expected work to be undertaken after each session, which he marked in his own time and then fed back in the following session. The result was that my son was able to face the exam with confidence.

zehan (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Kieran is an excellent Politics tutor for my son. He really knows the subject matter well and has increased my son’s interest in the subject. He also is happy to use his own time to mark work.

Yasmin (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Kieran has helped me a lot to improve my knowledge and confidence to be able to sit my exams this summer. He has also provided insight how to get my grade to the next level and helped me improve my exam technique! I am very appreciative for all the support!

Liliana (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Kieran is extremely knowledgable and callable of passing the knowledge in a very engaging and interesting way. My daughter’s confidence has hugely increased in just a few weeks and we hope that it will show in her result. Kieran works in an interactive way once he covers the topic to ensure that the student has grasped and contained the topic. The other very important point is that Kieran only tutors politics and has a fair bit of working in Politics so the depths of his knodledge can not compare to another tutor who is teaching a few subjects. He is very encouraging about homework, marks it in his own time and discusses it during the next lesson. I would definitely recommend Kieran very highly.

Frankie (Dr)

5/5 Rating

In the short time that Kieran has been working with my son I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my son’s understanding of this topic . He has added depth of knowledge to each of the 3 units and to the syllabus . He is a pleasure to have around and he has inspired confidence in my son understanding of the topic .

Het (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Kieran was an excellent tutor. He listened to and identified the areas where my daughter was struggling with her Politics A Level and made sure lessons were fun and engaging. He definitely improved her confidence when it came to exam strategy, and gave her very useful advice on exam technique. I`d highly recommend him to prospective tutees!


5/5 Rating

very good

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