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Wai Yu
Wai Yu
Acton, London W3
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My Qualifications

Imperial College London
N/A  (2020)
Imperial College London
Doctor of Philosophy
N/A  (2019)
Hong Kong Baptist University
N/A  (2015)
Hong Kong Baptist University
2:1  (2012)

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Rates summary: 75.00 to 81.25 per hour
General Science--£75-

Information about Wai Yu

##All my students are guaranteed to have B grade or above in A-level. Otherwise 50% of the total tuition fee will be refunded (Terms and conditions apply)##

A doctoral graduate in Physics at Imperial working on nanoscience. 100% of my regular students got at least B grade in the last A-level exam (A* x10, A x12, B x5). I mainly teach Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, FSMQ, Chemistry, Oxford and Cambridge Admission test for Physics and Engineering departments.

I have been teaching for more than 10 years in GCSE, A Level, Oxford Admission test for physics and engineering, Cambridge admission test for engineering, and classical electrodynamics in univery. I have also been highly active in other tutorial webes in the UK, and have received many poive feedbacks. I was also selected to teach pan-Asia Physics Olympiads, Asian Physics Olympiads, and International Physics Olympiads to represent Hong Kong in 2014 and 2015. In that year, my students won 6 gold medals, 3 silvers medal and 2 bronze medal.

I have received offers from Oxford, Imperial College and Sheffield Univery in 2015 for my PhD study and eventually selected IC in plastic electronics. In 2017, I joined two highly ranked teaching organization to help financially disadvantaged students in 1-to-1 tutorial. One of my students improved from D/E grade to a solid B in physics and went to a top-ranked univery to study mechanical engineering.

My tutorial is highly exam-oriented in order to achieve top grades in a short period of time. For instance, there are multiple tricks to exploit calculators in mathematics exam to get you answers immediately. Also, my unique exam skills in physics can solve many multiple-choice questions within 10 seconds. Most students find my teaching is effective and difficult concepts to become easy. Not only I could help students from poor grades to higher grades, but there are also students who got a prediction of A/B and asked for my help to get a solid A* to get in top uni in the UK. I also offer tutorials for STEP/MAT/PAT/Cambridge EAA examinations for applying top uni (Cambridge/Oxford/Imperial) in the UK.

All my students can contact me by WhatsApp to ask questions for free and I usually reply within 2 hours such that our tutorial time can focus on exam practice and teaching.

My tuition fee for the normal teaching plan is £60 per hour for GCSE,£70 per hour for A-level (year 12) and £70 per hour for A-level (year 13). Other than the normal teaching plan, I also offer two different plans for students to suit their needs.

1. <B Grade Guaranteed Scheme>
Aim to help A Level Physics/Mathematics to help students to get at least B grade if they had at least 28 lessons (Two hours per lesson) with me. If they cannot get a B grade or above, students would get 50% of the total tuition fee as a refund.

2. <A* Targeting Scheme>
This scheme is for students who aim to get A*. We will go through tailor-made A* grade difficulty questions to achieve A* in A level Physics and Mathematics.

I am also capable of doing Univery Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics as I have obtained a minor degree in Mathematics and my master degree is mainly in chemistry.

__________________________________________________________________________________2020 A-level
Phillip: A*A*A*A* Univery of Cambridge (Engineering)
Emily: (Grades undisclosed) Univery of Oxford (Chemistry)
Jacky: A*AB Kings College London (Mathematics)
2019 A level:
From 12 students, this year we have achieved
A* Grade x10
A Grade x12
B Grade x5

Zhenxin Wang: A*A*A*A* Admitted to Imperial College (Electrical engineering)
Rex Huang: A*A*A* Admitted to Univery of Oxford (Engineering)
Harrison: A*A*A* Admitted to Univery of Cambridge (Engineering)
Peng Jin: A*A*A* Admitted to UCL (Physics)
Tili:. A*A*A Admitted to Imperial college (Electrical engineering)
Alex:. A*AA Admitted to Imperial College (Computer Science)
Liqi Zhang:. A*AB Admitted to Univery of Manchester (Aeronautics)
Wing Guan: A*AC Admitted to Univery of Birmingham (Mechanical Engineering
Moomin:. AABB Admitted to King`s College (Physics)
Nandita: AAB Admitted to Univery of Bath (Robotic Engineering)
Henry Xu:. ABC Admitted to Univery of Bath (Pharmacy)
Rosa: A (AS student who took A2 mathematics in her year 12)

2019 AS predicted grades: congratulations to all my regular AS students. We got all A/A* predicted grades!
Philip: A*A*A*A* (Physics, maths, further maths, chemistry)
Youhan: A*A*A (maths, chemistry, further maths)
Ellyss: A*A (Physics, maths)
Jacky Huang: A*A*A (Physics, mathematics, further mathematics)
Rosa: A*A (Physics/Chemistry)

August 2018
3 students in A-Level Physics (AQA and OCR)
A*, A(AS) , B (was D/E grade in AS before tutoring)

2 student in AS Maths (OCR MEI and Edexcel):

Availability: Available Subjects:
GCSE:Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Pure Maths
A Level: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Oxford PAT, Cambridge EAA, STEP


£60 per hour for 1-to-1 tutorial (GCSE).
£70 per hour for 1-to-1 tutorial (A level, year 12).
£70 per hour for 1-to-1 tutorial (A level, year 13).
£40 per hour per students for group tutorial.
(students are welcome to find any friends/classmates to do group tutorial)

Weekdays: After 4pm
Weekends: Anytime

Willing to travel: 20 miles

Experience: Univery Course private tutor: 1 student in Pharmaceutics (King`s College), 1 student in Mathematics (Hong Kong Baptist Univery), 3 student in Physics (Imperial College London)

Univery Admission Test: Oxford Physics Aptitude Test, Oxford Maths Admission Test, STEP, Cambridge Engineering Admissions Assessment (EAA) (2013-Present)

[contact detail removed] Tutor (2017-Present) (AL Physics)

[contact detail removed] Tutor (AL Mathematics)(2017-Present)

Private tutor in GCSE and AL physics, mathematics , further maths, and chemistry (2015-present)

Experimental and Computational Physics Demonstrator at Imperial College London (2015-Present)

Private tutor in HKCEE, HKDSE, and HKALE in physics, mathematics, and chemistry (2008-2015)

Asian Physics Olympiad Competition Teacher (2015) (3 Gold, 1 silver 2 bronze)

International Physics Olympiad Competition Teacher (2015) (3 Gold and 2 Silver awards)

Electrodynamics I&II Course Tutor (2013-2014)

Students` feedbacks (See more feedback from tutorhunt below)

Abhishek(A-Level Physics, A* Targeting Scheme)
Genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better physics tutor. I wish you were my school teacher !You’re More helpful than all of my mechanics teachers combined tbh.
I’m really enjoying the sessions Jon. Thank you very much !

Kavita (A-Level Mathematics, A* Targeting Scheme)
Simply a great tutor, professional, helpful, committed.
I wish all teachers had this attitude towards teaching,

Alex (A-level Physics and Further Maths, A* Targeting Scheme)
I had enrolled onto first tutor and selected Jon, who tutored me in Physics and Further Maths. Jon provided me with weekly sessions on my subjects with material he prepared prior to each lesson with my input. Moreover Jon taught me quick and helpful methods which enabled me to deal with the questions effectively, which is important under exam conditions.

Jon had an in depth knowledge of the subjects he tutored me, which allows him to adapt his teaching for you specifically; and I felt comfortable that Jon had covered all the content required for my exams. Not only was Jon an amazing tutor he is a very pleasant person which makes the sessions more relaxed. Furthermore, Jon would always select the most difficult questions which really pushed me to a higher level in preparation for my exams.

Devyani (A level Maths, B Grade Guaranteed Scheme)
Wai Yu is tutoring my son for his A level maths, he has a vast amount of knowledge and exam techniques and has given my son alot of confidence.His lessons are very well structured and focuses on individual needs, he is able to show exactly how to gain those top marks!! I would highly recommend Wai Yu as a tutor for anyone struggling with Maths.

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Ajani (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Very passionate, patient and encouraging Chemistry tutor who always ensures you thoroughly understand the concept before attempting exam questions to solidify and cement the knowledge learnt. He provides different approaches to grasp new content which I find very useful and engaging. Totally go by the quote “ learnt something new every day” because of him as he fills in the gaps of knowledge you had before and expands on it even more in ways you hadn’t previously.

Tutors Response :

Thank you very much Ajani for your feedback. It was a pity that you were on the waiting list since November last year as my timetable was full until last month. Nevertheless, I feel so grateful that you were waiting patiently until a free timeslot is available. and I will continue to try my best to help you to get the best grade!
Dr. Jon

Rory (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Very good math tutor!

Dragana (Dr)

5/5 Rating

My daughter has recently started with tutorials (science GCSE) with Dr. Jon. I could immediately notice the change. She has reflected that she although initially was very nervous about having virtual tutorial with someone she has never met, she has been feeling incredibly at ease and said that she feels comfortable to ask questions until she really completely understands the topic. My 13 years old daughter noted that she is impressed by Dr. Jons’ patience and this helps her focus and expose freely. Also, while previously she has been deeply anxious about any science subjects, I can see that she is, even after several lessons gaining confidence and there are some sparkles of enthusiasm also. My daughter is amazed by the issues she is gaining insights and knowledge too. This has been already being translated to her excellent achievements in school. Dr Jon is exceptional tutor and we are lucky to be able to pursue these tutorials.

Sharon (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Wai (Jon) tutored my son for his A-levels for more than a year, and he has been tutoring my daughter for her GCSE. Jon is smart, friendly and patient. He sees the strength and weakness in his pupils and tutors accordingly. He has exptertise in preparation for Oxbridge, and I am very happy to report that my son has been accepted by Cambridge this year. This would not have happened without Jon`s help. I highly recommend him to anyone.

abdulrahman (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Jon is an outstanding tutor. I would highly recommend him.

Paulette (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Amazing tutor

Dina (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Excellent teacher. My daughter enjoyed the first lesson. Dina

Yuan (Mr)

5/5 Rating

I have been tutored by Jon for 10 months. He is an exceptional and inspiring teacher who helped me to achieved my dream to study engineering in Oxford University.

Before I wasn`t sure if I could study at Oxford because the PAT exam has become very difficult in last year. With his help, I constantly gain confidence and be able to achieve 3As in AS, and managed to get 84 out of 100, top 5% of all candidates, in PAT exam (top 5% of all applicants). After being selected to the interview, he continued helping me to prepare for it. The interview was highly challenging and stressful but we finally made it after all the preparation work we have done together. I`m so grateful to be admitted to Balliol College in Oxford, and it is all because of him.

He is now also helping me to achieve 3A* in A level Physics, Chemistry, and Further Maths. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get into Oxbridge for Engineering/Physics/Math major.

Liz (Ms)

4/5 Rating

My son loves him he’s very good

Harrison (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Jon is an outstanding tutor with high standard teaching ability. He always encourages me to think, decide and attempt. He has taught me for five months for the Cambridge Engineering Admission test and the interview for Fitzwilliam College at Cambridge. Not only he taught me how to solve questions, he also taught me exam skills of answering certain types of questions, which enable me to think systematically. I had high confidence during both exam and interview, especially this is the interview for the best university in the world. Even though I have already achieved A* in Physics last year, Jon also inspires me by teaching physics beyond A-level syllabus to strengthen my problem-solving skill. Plus, Jon is always patient and encouraging even I made mistakes.

Hoda (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

a very good teacher who inspired me to get a* in gsce and is now helping me in my A-levels

blaise (Mr)

5/5 Rating

My daughter noticed the difference right on the first day. She commented that she made more notes than she makes in class. That says it all. I will recommend.

Omar (Mr)

5/5 Rating

I’ve been tutored by Jon for 9 months and in that time he increased my grade from a D/E to a solid B. During this short amount of time, he really made me think as a physicist, explaining many theories in physics which were hard to understand at first. He really made me fall in love with the subject and made doing exam questions much more enjoyable. Jon pushes you as a student, making you strive to achieve the top grades, constantly growing my confidence in the subject as my grades climbed after every assessment I took in school. Honestly I struggled in physics a lot during my first year of A level and was really losing hope, but thankfully with Jon’s tutoring he helped me achieve my dream of studying engineering at a top ranked university.

Theo (Mr)

3/5 Rating

My son has only had a lesson with him. He is very pleased with his method of teaching.

Julie (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Mr Wai Yu is an exceptional tutor, he has taken time and care to create lessons plans, taking into account how my daughter learns.
He is clear, fantastically passionate about his subjects along with making the lessons engaging. My daughter can already see the progress in her A Levels. We both agree Mr Wai Yu is brilliant and we are very lucky to have found him.

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