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Dear tutors,

I would welcome the benefit of your combined experience and wisdom in relation to the benefits - or disadvantages - of a child with SEN attending an independent (private) school at secondary school stage..

The SEN challenges are: mild learning disability (particularly with maths, expressive language, and some challenges with social skills and physical skills).

I anticipate that some of the benefits would be: smaller class sizes and ability to focus on supporting individual children; greater potential to focus on areas of personal academic or creative interest for the child; and that a smaller school size overall that could make it easier for a child to settle, compared to a larger state school, for example. Plus presumably the potential to have some more direct influence as a paying client.

I expect some of the disadvantages might be: being in a school with a greater proportion of "higher achieving" children, which might exaggerate any differentials in achievement compared to a school with a broader spread of ability and achievement; a smaller school might reduce scope for finding a friend with similar interests/outlooks; being more obviously `different` in an independent school - which has a more homogenous population - compared to a state school.

What are your experiences and thoughts in relation to this?
3 years ago

Special Needs Question asked by Mandy

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