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What are the reasons for wars?
7 years ago

History Question asked by Christopher

Greed, money or religion
18/12/2015 06:34:02 | comment by Fleur
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Territory, ideology in addition to the reasons below.
30/03/2016 20:17:15 | comment by Stefan
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6 Answers

Wars are generally fought for economic reasons. While politicians and world leaders may state that their are ethical reasons for conflicts, many of them begin as wars for resources that are necessary to improve upon the economic production of a country. For examply, it may be said that the Cold War and it`s proxy conflicts were a result of opposing ideologies, these ideologies were economic in nature and each side of the conflict was seeking greater economic influence and control.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Difference ideology, power monger, corruption,
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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I would advise anyone wondering about wars and human motivations to read Appiah`s book, Cosmopolitanism, Ethics in a word of strangers.
It helps a lot (but I am afraid there is no answer !...)
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Wars are fought for many reasons. One such reason traditionally is controll of vital resources for the survival of your clan in pre history was food and water now in modern times it tends to be energy wars. Another reason can be down to differing religious reasons much like the crusades of old. More recently the fear of terrorism has caused the western world to go to "war" in the name of protection but this is highly debated.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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I would be wary of catch-all categorisation of the causes of wars. It entirely depends on historical context and the extent to which you are defining it as a limited, or `total` war. Resources - most certainly, although economic motivations cannot be applied to Britain`s entry into the Second World War, unless you are to suggest that all defensive wars are there to protect economic resources in the long run anyway.

Take a look at a few case studies that highlight similarities and differences. For interesting cases which do this, I would look at Britain and Germany`s entry in the First World War. Argentina`s invasion of the Falkland Islands, plus the American Civil War and the Indian War of Independence. All of these cases have significant differences, but also some overlap.
Answered by Michael | 6 years ago
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The main reason for wars is the control of land and the access to resources that this entails.
Answered by Rafiq | 7 years ago
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