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Translate the following sentence in italian:
I don`t like eating broccoli
4 years ago

Italian Question asked by Arianna

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2 Answers

Hey there! You can translate it in two different ways which can be used in the same fashion/context. One is `Non mi piacciono i broccoli`, which translates as `I don`t like broccoli` (the verb `eating` can be omitted in this case). If you want to go literal, the translation would be `Non mi piace mangiare i broccoli`. However, this translation feels much clunkier. I would recommend going with the first one and omit the verb `to eat` (= `mangiare`).
Answered by Michela | 2 years ago
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Ciao Arianna, you probably know this by now but you would say: "Non mi piacciono i broccoli", literally "I don`t like broccoli", as we would not normally say "Non mi piace mangiare..." (I don`t like eating...).
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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