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Name a type of bond formed when two glucose molecule polymerise forming disaccharide molecule.
5 years ago

Biochemistry Question asked by Pooja

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3 Answers

Glycosidic bond
Answered by Hammad | 24 months ago
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The usual bond between two Glucose molecules is a 1,4alpha linkage; but 1,6alpha linkage is also possible (and is characteristic in the biopolymer Glycogen)

The bond is called in general terms a glycosidic link and is a condensation reaction because H2O is generated. But in Biochemistry terms the nature of the specific bond is extremely important hence nomenclature is very extensive.

(Aside) Interestingly, this is why plants and animal cells are so interesting because plants can also form 1,4beta linkages which gives rise to the structural polymer of cellulose. the polymer of starch is 1,4alpha linkages. This minor change produces two very different physical properties in the polymer and also has implications in digestion.
Answered by Peter | 2 years ago
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Glycosidic bond
Answered by Sameera | 2 years ago
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