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what is adobe bridge?
5 years ago

Adobe Bridge Question asked by Bakht

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4 Answers

Adobe Bridge is a Media Manager, it allows you to view and access files without having to import them - also allowing you to view the file attributes to keep your storage organised.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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It`s a digital asset management app by Adobe.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Adobe Bridge is a great programs, it helps to streamline your editing,processing and filling of images and artwork:
To see the exact process the original photograph was taken in, for example; exposure, contrast, pixels etc.
To select an image and immediately shortcut to Photoshop or another visual editing/ processing program.
To make clear visual folders of raw (original) and edited images/ artworks
To organise your images/ artworks in order of merit or sequence

Answered by Charlotte | 4 years ago
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Bridge is an application that allows you to see all your images, arrange and manage them. It`s a picture database of you images that links all you Adobe products as well.
Answered by Anna | 5 years ago
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