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How can you evaluate Domestic politics on Us Foreign policy? Would you not have to define the difference and give examples?


How would you evaluate Domestic Politics on Us foreign policy?

How can I use sign- posting and linking in this essay?
6 years ago

Politics Question asked by Eleasah

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1 Answer

You need to break down the question, in different parts, so that while you look at the USA domestic politics, such as security, anti-terrorism, you also look at how that affects, and links with their foreign policy, because of USA dangers of terrorism, they may feel that the best way to stop terrorism in the USA would be to ensure that they can stop it in Iraq, or Syria, or elsewhere.

with each question, you must ensure that you break down each part of it then arrive at a point where you can link it all up, this can be done by signposting.
So the beginning of the essay has to link with the end of the other, so if you finish a sentence such as ``USA has given 50 Million in military hardware to X,this has caused problems with their domestic financial policy.

start the next sentence, with something such as. ``Moreover, these problems have escalated over the past few months, because they have become a real issue in why the healthcare is poor in the USA``, once you have finished the sentence and you need to move onto another section, always write something such as `` having looked into how the USA have spent too much on military equipment for other countries, attention will now turn to how this affects the domestic policy within the USA defence and military``
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